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Creative. Technology. Optimist.

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Hey there!

I’m Lori Mercer, CTO.

That stands for Creative Technology Optimist.

I share simple solutions to your technology and creative challenges for your business.

But first comes mission, strategy and a business model that changes lives.

You’ll notice I have very few pages on my website. Why?

The information is out there. You need to execute. And probably someone to advise you on what steps to take.

Confused by all the email tool choices?

Download our guide to simplify your search and select a tool that will work best for your business.

As you Google and watch your Twitter and Facebook feeds and read the many emails that flood your inbox, you already have all the information you need! How many times have you purchased a program, a book, listened to a webinar but failed to implement?

There are many reasons for this:

  • You didn’t understand it well enough and need more help
  • You didn’t carve out enough time
  • You did some of it but then got stuck
  • Some super silly technology snafu got in the way.
  • Too much time passed and you lost momentum on the topic
  • You didn’t know it, but it wasn’t really the right thing for you to be pushing on in your business right now.
  • The trolls in your brain convinced you that you weren’t good enough and can’t do this.

I experienced this in my own businesses

and sometimes I just wanted my own personal “expert” to answer my specific questions, that may or may not work in their one-to-many system.  

I wanted help on my business.  And unless I had $10,000 for a one-on-one mastermind, these people were simply not out there.

This is why my model is to serve you directly. 

I’m here to listen to your needs, work through your pain points, leverage what we can from what you have already invested in and solve problems.  We’re going to DO WORK TOGETHER and make an implementation plan around all those technology options that works for you.  This is my sweet spot and I greatly love advising individuals through the sometimes confusing technology and implementation choices that are holding you back from your business breakthroughs.

As featured in Marie Forleo’s B-School

Some Example Actions We Can Develop Together For Your Business:

  • Your Email Opt-In and Sequence Implementation
  • Content Planning Spreadsheet for a product launch
  • Product Creation Plan – Who does what, when and how
  • Social Media Marketing Checklist (nearly 50 items and how to outsource if needed)
  • WordPress Website Review and Update Plan
  • Marketing Brainstorm Products – headlines, graphics, blog/podcast/video series, product launch campaigns
  • Anything Ontraport, ClickFunnels or WordPress oriented

“Lori, I just don’t know and need to ask a question. Entrepreneurship is lonely and I’m looking for someone to trust with my business advice.”

Yes, yes and yes.  Facebook groups are nice.  Sometimes you need to deep dive with someone who has been there.  This is my heart and soul to serve you in this way.

Short Term One-on-One Technical Advising To Help You Over That Hurdle

You just want someone to talk to.  I get that.  You just need a consult to help you over that stubborn hurdle you are having such as…..

  • Deciding which email automation or membership tool to implement
  • How to name / price / launch your online program
  • Should you or should you not go for a membership program?

Before committing to a long term engagement, let’s just have a date.

Let's Get Started

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