10 Ways to Market Your Business without Spending a Dime

10 Ways to Market Your Business without Spending a Dime

Certainly, you can spend Facebook Ad money to grow your following.  But you’re growing it with strangers. Organic growth is slower (usually) but more personal and effective.

Here are 10 ways to share your dream, offer your services and grow your following without spending a dime.

Although Facebook pages are slower to develop than they were a few years ago, having an official Facebook page for your business and not using your personal profile is the professional and expected way to run a business.

Consider this your dynamic, interactive business card. When used interactively with a Facebook group and your personal profile (in appropriate ways), it’s still the platform where all the eyeballs are looking.

#1. Create a Facebook page for your business and link it to your personal Facebook profile.

Your personal profile is used to connect to Facebook groups and yes, people will stalk you and find your business that way. Invite people you know care about your mission to your Facebook page. Stay on mission and post once a day.

#2. When someone comments on your Facebook page posts, invite them to follow your page. 

#3. Link your Instagram to your Facebook so you are covering 2 platforms with one post.

You’ll need to do this from your Instagram account on your mobile phone.

#4. Use relatable #hashtags on your Instagram posts.

Comment and like on people in your #hashtag family for reciprocal follows and likes.

#5. Create a Facebook group and link it to that Facebook page.

Be active in it! Invite people to join your group. Start with a closed group. Use the “Ask Pending Members Questions” feature to learn about your audience.

#6. Create a graphic about your mission & make it the”featured photo” on your personal Facebook page.

Utilize the description on your featured photo to talk about your business.

#7. Share, but don’t overshare, what you’re doing in your business on your personal Facebook page.

Make it personal, clear & relatable. Those who care about you will want to know, what you’re up to. And they will all “know someone who needs this” and share it or bring it up to them at some point.

#8. Go Live!

Live video gets more views on the Facebook feed. People buy you and your message. So be you. Be brave. And get your message out there.

#9. Schedule your live videos 3-6 day in advance a Facebook event. 

The Facebook event should be co-hosted by your page and your personal profile. Share with your Facebook group and on your pages, on your page and profile, will get the most views. And people will need advance notice to plan to be there!

#10. Get in front of people in person!                                         

Go to networking events, conferences and any live event in your industry. In person, relationships are always more powerful than another like on your Facebook page.


Columbus, Ohio:  “Chief of All Details” for Non-Profit, Partial Remote Work

Columbus, Ohio: “Chief of All Details” for Non-Profit, Partial Remote Work

(Partially) Virtual Job Posting: LoriMercerCTO.com

LOCATION:  Columbus, Ohio

Contract Job Description: Chief of all the Details  (AKA Project + Operations Manager)

Our national non-profit 24-7 COMMITMENT, headquartered in Lewis Center, Ohio, is in need of a Chief coordinator of all the details.   The single point person we go to and keep all the mission-serving initiatives rolling along efficiently and effectively. This is a project / event / operations manager role to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and the execution of the mission moves forward, while taking the burden of these details off the plate of the Executive Director.

You will work personally and closely with the Executive Director and become the go-to person for all answers aside from strategy and business direction.

We have a small, high performing team who has served the marketing, community management and merchandise space for almost 5 years now.  We have an amazing crew of volunteers who lead many other initiatives and help us pull off our big events.   But we’ve outgrown ourselves and it’s time to take our mission to the next level.

We believe that adding this resource will not just cover the cost of those resources but increase the funding for the organization to be able to deliver more services.

Today this work is performed primarily by Executive Director, Lori Mercer and supported by Jessie, a VA who has been with the organization since the beginning in 2012 and is a master as Canva graphics, social media scheduling, managing our wordpress and membership community and has a strong feel for the copy that needs to be written for this audience.

For this role, we are looking for someone who is:
– detail oriented
– a strong project manager
– efficient and values a lean operation
– has a friendly heart for customer service
– can take a concept and break it down into all the steps and be sure they are assigned, completed and followed thru on to deliver a quality program
– comfortable with technology and online communications – Zoom meetings, google drive sharing, Asana project management, Facebook admin
– able to work closely with our marketing team to direct marketing projects
– able to be self-directed and work independently and with remote team members

Hours required:
– initially 10-15 / week M-F between 9 – 4 pm
– located in Columbus, Ohio
– some work required from the office (shipping, meetings, etc)
– 2 travel events / weekend projects: April conference and July conference

This is an hourly contract position.

Projects and Responsibilities include:
– monthly new member welcome kits
– shipping and customer support for our books and programs
– event planning and detail management for 1 annual couples retreat (Columbus July 2018) and 1 large trade show where we sell merchandise primarily (Indy in April)
– reporting, organizing and keeping everyone up to speed on the status of projects and programs
– setting up and defining processes where they are missing
– donor and supporter gifts / giving letters
– general project management of campaigns and initiatives
– finding and sourcing new merchandise relevant to the mission
– filing and organizing both physical and digital paperwork for the organization
– leading and coordinating team and volunteer meetings and updates
– additional personal assistant tasks as needed by the Executive Director – booking flights, travel, etc. (could expand for her other businesses based on work performance)

How will your performance be measured?
– By how much work you can take off the Executive Directors plate
– On time delivery of initiatives
– Happy customer responses

Candidate must be a strong proponent of healthy marriages (our mission) but does not need to be married to do the work.

To apply, complete this form.

Grant Writing Opportunity

Grant Writing Opportunity

Many of us dream of doing work we love for a great cause like a non-profit right?   Here’s your chance.

A lot of non-profits have a need for experienced grant writers or do not have the time to write the grants themselves.

Debbie DiVirgilio at non-profitconsultant.com is offering her Grant Writing Intensive program in September and October and there are non-profits who will sponsor you into her $747 mentorship level training in exchange for finding and submitting a grant for their organization.

You need to be willing to stay on track with the training course, interact with the sponsoring non-profit in regards to the results and progress, and complete a grant application on behalf of that non-profit.

Interested?  Submit your application here to get started.

How She Quits – A Mom Biz Series – What is a Virtual Assistant?

How She Quits – A Mom Biz Series – What is a Virtual Assistant?

Trust me, I hear you. 

You want to get out. You are ready to leave and yet? You feel stalled. 

Sure, there is a lot of information out there, but you just aren’t sure what is right for you.

Not to worry, over the next few weeks I am going to share with you some of the top HOT jobs that are in demand in the virtual space. You will get the inside scoop on what is need to be successful and what you can expect in each field!

First Up: Virtual Assistant!! 

This can be so many things and match so many talents you have to offer.   Let me just entice you with this….. I have around 3 – 4 VA’s working for me in some capacity right now.   And I’ve tested and fired at least a dozen who were not up to par.   You know what that means?   There is mega-opportunity for responsible, talented, self-starters to leap into this marketplace and quit your day job (as quickly as 3 months as this interview with one of my VA’s Amy Lockrin).

Your Virtual Assistant Case Study is below.   Do you see yourself in that job?  With those hours?  And that work?   Don’t let go of that vision.  Get out your journal and take notes….then take some action to get started.

Online Marketing T-Shirt Business

Online Marketing T-Shirt Business

Virtual Job Posting: LoriMercerCTO.com

Contract Job Description:  Online Marketing Tshirt Business

For a small business with a large online audience of 100,000+.

Shopify Store Management:

○ Keep the inventory systems up to date

○ Set the front page, pop ups, message bars, sliders and photos and content for the products to maximize the marketing potential

○ Learn and know the best tips for marketing well within Shopify

○ How to add and merchandise products

○ Ability to evaluate and utilize apps

○ Add-ons for optimizing the customer check out experience and drive higher conversions in sales

○ T-shirt Sales Experience – Understanding of the process of bringing a t-shirt design to market and working with the vendor for the right apparel styles and how to merchandise them well on Shopify and in social media

Facebook Ad General awareness

○ We will enhance this with a FB ad strategist but general understanding of when / where / how to apply FB ads is required

JOB EXPECTATIONS: This is a contract position only. There will be a 1-month contract to test the fit for both you and the organization. This role is expected to take 10 – 12 hours/week.


Send a 5 – 10 minute VIDEO introduction including screen share of your Shopify/Tshirt experience.

Tell us how you would update and better market what we already have in place.

Tell us why you believe you are a good fit for the role.

Tell us your expected rate of pay.

Tell us your availability – start date, hours/week availability and what working hours you are available during the week.

Email your Video Application to lori@lorimercercto.com

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