Some of the secret weapons behind my businesses include:

Web Hosting with a Personal Touch

Green Olive Tree.  Not the biggest name on the market but this company has been there for me around the clock when I crashed servers selling a gazillion decals.  True Story.

Need Another Domain?

I hoard them as a hobby.  They are a bit of an idea collector for me 😉  Here’s my favorite place to buy domains.

Wanting to Build on Online Store?

Don’t look any further than Shopify.

My Favorite Online Meeting Tool

There are many choices with similar features.  Pick one and become really familiar with it.  You don’t want technology to be a flub up when you are presenting live.  Zoom has great features for a reasonable price and their support has been fantastic.

For Practically Everything… Ontraport

This tool can create landing pages, forms, take orders and of course manage your entire customer database, emails and email sequences, membership sites and pretty much do your dishes and run errands as well.  Seriously.  So powerful.  (You may want a consultant to help configure some things… I am happy to help 🙂  Sign up here.

My Newest Favorite Plug In Toy for Membership SitesAccessAlly and ProgressAlly

Usability and engagement are everything for a membership site. Why go to all that trouble to create a great course that can change your client’s lives if they can’t get around and don’t feel compelled to keep clicking to the next module? These are some of the newest players to the membership game form a long standing online marketer I adore. Check our her free 30 day list building challenge as well as these great membership products.