As a business owner, managing people can be the biggest headache as well as the biggest blessing.   Finding good, reliable people to help fill in the gaps in your business is key.   But they can be so hard to find!

As I worked with my clients and staffed my own teams, and spent 20+ years in the corporate world building up entire new divisions and organizations, I have learned how to find the right people with the right talent and set them up for success.

Now with my How She Quits programs, we are training up professionals from the corporate world who want a more flexible work arrangement and are now providing their services on a part time, flexible basis as virtual freelancers.

We Recommend Our Verified Virtual Professionals

  • Lori Mercer CTO Team - for end to end strategy and implementation of your email marketing funnel,online course or membership program
  • (YOUR NAME HERE) - If you want to qualify for this list, join us in the "6 Weeks to Clients" program where you will receive the training you need to become a Verified Virtual Professional.

(The first class of Verified Virtual Professionals is underway!  In the meantime, if you need someone quickly, please email us directly at lori at lorimercercto dot com )


Do you have a project for which you need a Virtual Professional?

My network of clients and online business owners heard about How She Quits and immediately asked "Do you have anyone who does ______?"    The world is hungry for professionals who can do short term, flexible project work but with professional skills and experiences.

Here is our current list of open Project Opportunities.    These are first shared privately through our network of Verified Virtual Professionals and then posted on this page.   Our team validates those who have not completed our course and can  help you find the perfect match for your project.

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