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I’m back from a spring-break staycation.

Is there ever enough time to disconnect and love on family?
Only when we can design businesses to fit into that 9 – 3 school schedule.

I also gave myself permission to hit the ground slowly today. Because if I was in my day job, it’d be instant Monday-morning overwhelm. This is why we do our work from home jobs.

We make the rules that work for our life, our family and our needs. A slow start after a holiday week is perfect.

(And by slow start I mean, clearing off the desk, fixing a broken computer and writing these emails for the week. Basically, no client calls first thing this morning.)

This week’s virtual work opportunities are chock full of AMAZING women online business owners who are looking for their “right-hand girl” to keep them organized, efficient and out of the weeds.

And I totally understand where they are coming from. One of my unplugged spring break epiphanies was to change up the tasks and systems I use with my own VA team to make us all more efficient and coordinated. Right-hand girls UNITE! This is the kind of stuff you were born to do.

Often in business, things move too slowly but it’s simply because you’ve been doing it too inefficiently. There’s no answer out here to the right way. When you are someone’s “right-hand girl”, you help them look at a need and suggest some basic ways you could make that easier for them.

I see a lot of VAs / Virtual Professionals get caught up in thinking “I don’t know this” when they just spent the weekend designing the most fantastical organization system for their family (digital photos, calendar system, closet, homework desk, insert your project).

You know this stuff.

You just don’t know the ins and outs of every system perhaps (newsflash: no one does). But you know how to problem solve, learn fast and by trial, error and adjustment, fine tune those admin processes every business owner needs.

I don’t believe anyone expects you to jump in at $20-$30 an hour and know it all.

They do however want a learner, a good listener, and someone willing to think through all the details.

So as you read into these job postings, assume these business owners had their own epiphanies about who and what they needed on their teams. Then they threw a line into a giant fishing hole of online virtual professionals and they are praying for their “Right Hand Girl” to show up.

THIS. This is what will make a difference. A person who can sweep in and take all of these things off my plate.


Are you the “Right Hand Girl” for one of these businesses?

{These virtual work opportunities are pulled from various sources around the web each week.  Some are free listings and some require a membership to sites such as FlexJobs or HireMyMomIf you want the best clients, long term business and the highest rates, we suggest using these sites over free Facebook groups.  To learn how to refine your search for the highest dollar virtual work opportunities, try our fast class.}

Part-Time Virtual Assistant for Online Coach & Leader (with growth potential!)

I saw this job and immediately felt warm and connected to this business owner. She’s in the crazy stage where all the ideas are flowing and then….. oh my goodness all the admin to get those opt-ins built, blogs posted, social media managed and clients supported.

It’s a classic “come grow with me in online business” kind of posting. So things like WordPress, Google docs, weekly webinar management and email marketing (her tool of choice – Aweber and Infusionsoft).

Customer Service Rockstar for Business & Technology Strategist

This is a professional in the online business space. The job listing (posted on HireMyMom – membership required, membership worth it, and I’m not even paid to say that) shows they have a well structured, organized, teamwork approach. The position is focused in on customer service….but not in an “I’m going to be on the phone all day” kind of way. It’s management in a Facebook group, for members in the member portal, very flexible online kinds of support for paying customers who are happy to be there…and if I read this business owner right, go-getters who stick around for the long haul won’t be left to just do customer service.

Freelance Project Management for Small Design Studio

Great trial project to get a creative design firm organized for better client results. Creatives are not super good at (nor should they be spending their time) on admin. Creative genius is priceless. So they need a freelance virtual project manager to come in and keep all the details in order for them – client emails, invoicing and billing, file management and more. Note that this is a “percentage of work billed” kind of gig. Interesting twist huh? You all win together.

VA for FB LIVE Coach

Energetic and successful female FB Live Coach is looking for a committed whiz at Facebook, messenger and all the admin of email, calendars and google sheets and docs. Oh yes, and of course the WordPress blog.

Can you be the coordinator that keeps their creative genius flowing forward?

The position will be around 30 hrs per week and can grow depending on work available.

Dynamic, Smart VA for Small Marketing Agency

When an Upwork post says “willing to pay for higher rates for the most experienced freelancers” I pay attention. Here’s one of those.

Looking for: a dynamic, smart, motivated and very detailed oriented assistant to keep up with a variety of administrative tasks: research, list generation, social media posting, emails, image gathering, data gathering, etc.

Do you see a theme here? Businesses GROW, get busy and need to expand their team with talented people like you who can keep “all the details in order.” In this case, they called it “a relentless attention to details and a desire to leave no stone unturned.”

Questions about applying for those positions?

You can always ask them in our Collective.  Where I’m back in action with fresh new training’s blooming out of my spring break epiphanies 🙂



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