From Full Time Corporate Exhaustion To Meaningful Work From Home

I was done with internet hype and get rich quick advertising.   I needed a smart business model that didn’t require me to sacrifice my most important roles as wife and mom.   I wrestled on my own with a growing urgency as my blog grew, well, like wildfire.  For two years, I watched this free video series before taking the plunge in B-School.   My first year in B-School our non-profit raised over $100,000.  The next year, just shy of $200k.   Most importantly, I’m serving a huge heart felt need and so much more balanced and healthy in my own marriage and family life.

B-School Registration is Now Open!

Registration is only open Feb. 17th thru March 2nd at 3 PM EST.

Registering with my program includes that personal touch to your B-School adventure.   Can’t wait to meet you!

What B-School Can Bring To Your Business

A Plan For Consistent Revenue

Get Profit Clarity.  Know exactly where would the funds come from to serve your mission.  It’s not a secret and you don’t have to play the hopeful guessing game.


Eliminate That Rushed Feeling to Write Blog Posts or Send Emails

You don’t need a thousand blog posts.  Only the right ones.  You can make a system where you are on time and in the zone when writing and creating your blog posts and email communications.   B-School systems show you how.


Website Simplification

Even for me as a techie, I get overwhelmed with all the opinions and options out there for websites.  B-School breaks through with a simple plan.  And, working with me and my team, you have immediate access to the people who can make it happen.  Because your valuable time should not be spent fiddling with your home page layout!


Know Your Audience Even More

What kicks me in the stomach is writing what I think is a kick-tail article and then getting zero responses.   Because it wasn’t what my audience needed to hear.   Learn how to listen closer and bring them exactly what they need.   Powerful and so helpful to your audience and you.


It's Not Another Get Rich Quick Hype Party

You will leave with a business model that is sustainable for the long term.  Consistent revenue.  A growing audience.  And a long term vision to make change in the world.   I was hooked when I realized this program took the foundation of my years of corporate business experience and tied them to the online marketing world.    This is how you grow true wealth and drastically influence the world.  And there’s no get-rich-quick-hype anywhere.   Just real people like you and me.


I'll Be Your Personal Advisor.

4If there was ONE thing I could have added to my B-School experience, it would have been a personal coach.

Here’s the thing.  B-Schoolers are sooooo successful there are many partners who run B-School programs each year…..with hundreds and thousands of other participants.   I did that and met some super awesome people.

But what I was missing was someone to say “Hey, can you look at my ideas for this product and tell me if you think it’s what I need?”   or even better, “How can I find that right person to help me get my website looking so on point?”

This year I’m thrilled to be a first time partner for B-School and offering that personal touch.  Because my group will still be smaller and not hundreds or thousands.  And, everyone who works with me will have access to my personal team of graphic designers, copy writers, web designers and more to get done what you need in a high quality and pain free process.

Yes, I’ve taken on the pain of finding the right people who do the best work and I want to see their businesses thrive as well.

Let’s all grow together.  Ready for a personal B-School mentor to guide you through?

Learn more about the B-School program

Need more information?  I’m the same way.  I like to thoroughly research any program before I say yes.   This will show you all the modules and bonuses in the B-School Program.

Still Not Sure? Call Me and We'll Chat

3B-School isn’t a throw away investment.  I’m happy to chat with you for 30 minutes and answer any questions.