How She Quits Show: Episode 19: Turn Creative Talents into a Work-From-Home Business

  • Do you love to make fun graphics and share them on social?
  • Are your friends in love with your Instagram feed style?

These skills can be turned into a freelance social media business you can do from home!

Whether you are new to this or have been working as a social media manager for some time and you’re looking for that next level in your business, this episode is for you.

I walk through a step-by-step case study for taking your creative social media talents and turning them into freelance income from home.

Show Highlights:

“Creative Talent will NEVER be out of work!”   

Yes.  If you have an “eye for design” and are responsive and can understand the brand of a client easily, you will never lack for freelance work.

Exactly what does a freelancer in this creative social media space do?

You may be creative, but simply don’t know all the tools.  Here’s what a beginner and advanced skillset looks like in this space:

Don’t know all these tools?

It’s all learn-able.  But creative talent typically isn’t.  So take those creative skills and trust the process of experience and practice projects as you learn tools like Canva or Hootsuite along the way.  Check out our Fast Class for Rapid Skill Learning here.

Only 2 Steps Are Required to Build This Business:


And the results…..

Not bad for flexible, quick to start work-from-home projects!

But exactly who are you working for?  I give more examples in the video but here’s a great one:

Ready to get started? Your next questions may be:

  • Where can I find those projects/clients?
  • Are my skills really good enough for this?
  • I know some of that but not all, how can I learn?
  • Do I need a website? How do I charge?

You can start looking at our free resources for finding virtual work here and our master list of legit work-from-home work options for moms here.

If you are interested in going faster and would like a step-by-step guide on how to launch a work-from-home business with your creative talents, I created that for mommas just like you!  I have complied all I know into an easy self-guided tool for taking your business idea to reality in my Starter-Kit.  


You can go EVEN faster with personalized mentoring and accountability that helps you:

  • Quickly identify your special talents that are desired in this freelance space

  • Design your freelance profile to stand out

  • Package and price your way to profit and flexibility

  • Land specific clients and projects that are the best fit for you

  • Stay motivated within a community of freelancer moms like you

You could have your freelance business up and running in just a few weeks with personalized mentoring.

Learn how here.

{I’d love to walk this journey with you and help you sidestep the landmines along the way.}

Still worried about not having the skills? Check out Verified Virtual Professional Training Center here.

Thanks for stopping by.  You clearly have a fire burning inside you and a need for change if you stopped by here today 🙂