Can We Talk About Why You Haven’t Landed That Dream Virtual Work Gig Yet?

Can We Talk About Why You Haven’t Landed That Dream Virtual Work Gig Yet?

{Virtual Work Opportunities for the week of March 13th….scroll down…. but we’d love for you to read our advice on how to land these great opportunities first!}

You guys.

I open this way because I consider you a kindred spirit. A mom who’s working hard to make work work from home.

You’re my “guys”.

I also open this way when I’m EXCITED! Every week we filter through all the online work opportunities and I can’t stand how much potential there is out there.

I literally want to drive to your house, pour a cup of coffee and say “let’s do this.” Let’s get your application in for this or tell me what’s holding you back and we’ll work through it.

(In fact, I do this virtually for our Verified Virtual Professionals and members of the How She Quits Collective. We post ideal virtual work opportunities, tag those whose skills match well and talk about the match.)

When you look at these opportunities, you probably have questions like this:

– I REALLY like this opportunity but I’m still in my day job. Should I take it on and juggle it?
– I have 80% of these skills but I don’t know ___________________. Should I apply?
– This seems like a low rate for what they’re asking. Should I talk to them anyhow and ask for more?
– I love the list of work here but I’m not sure about the hours they request. How do I ask about that?

(Can you see how this list never ends? Every week I have a new show topic or blog article to write addressing these kinds of topics.)

LIGHTBULB MOMENT: You are simply lacking experience with navigating the virtual work sector.

It’s pretty new in general for both the job poster and the applicant. But common rules of hiring still apply.

Maybe, though, you haven’t had to apply for a lot of jobs in your life.

Maybe you just don’t have the experience here?

That’s the key difference I see between VA’s who have skills and GET the jobs. And VA’s who have skills and DON”T GET the jobs.

They’re missing the experience with what to apply for and how to position themselves.

If you haven’t been looking at virtual work opportunities for very long, or if you haven’t applied for many, or if you’ve applied for a lot but you aren’t getting them, this is likely the only thing between you and virtual work.

How do you bridge the experience gap with applying for online virtual work?

1. Watch these articles we post weekly. An abundance of free advice and insights.
2. Get practice! Apply and see where it goes
3. Get advice from someone with experience.

When I’m independently wealthy, I’ll do this for free. Until then, I’ve made it crazy affordable to join our community and have your own personal mentor.

{These virtual work opportunities are pulled from various sources around the web each week.  Some are free listings and some require a membership to sites such as FlexJobs or HireMyMomIf you want the best clients, long term business and the highest rates, we suggest using these sites over free Facebook groups.  To learn how to refine your search for the highest dollar virtual work opportunities, try our fast class.}

Meaningful and funny writing for busy blogger

She can’t write fast enough to get all those thoughts out and needs you!

Can you connect with words and pull out the readers’ emotions while being funny when appropriate?

A meaningful, powerful and stylish female blogger needs your services with email editing and blog copy. You will be writing from voice dictation and rough writing copy.

That organized, google apps, keep things on track VA work you’ve been looking for..

But what if I’m not uber creative? I’m REALLY good at keeping things organized, paying attention to details and staying on track. Google Apps should name their next tool after me.

This is a great example of virtual work that is made for someone like you.

Seeking a VA who enjoys working with WordPress (this is learnable….get in the Verified Virtual Professional program if you aren’t certain of yourself), are very detail-oriented, a supreme whiz at managing tasks and projects using Trello, and have the foresight to take action.

Tasks include managing WP sites, keeping projects on track, managing two email inboxes, managing Trello and keeping her calendar organized.

The position will begin at 10 hrs per week and most likely expand too much more as the work progresses. This is a long-term commitment, we want the person we hire to be part of our growth.

The pay rate for this position is $17/hr. (My experience is that you can outshine the $17 / hour people and negotiate a contract to move up to $25 for this one eventually)

Savvy Technical Virtual Assistant

This is one busy online entrepreneur (in fact, I’ve talked with her a bit personally and we randomly came across her posting on Hire My Mom this week.)

Visit her website and you will see she’s a classic overwhelmed entrepreneur – sending emails, podcasting, blogging. You name it. And she just wants ALL.THE.DETAILS finished up.

Now, there’s a lot of tools she’s looking for here and likely you don’t know all of them. And you likely won’t want to do all of that work for her advertised $10-$20 per hour rate, right?

We’re talking through this posting and how to approach it over in the How She Quits Collective. If this feels like the work you want to do, that’s the place to be for landing the right clients at the best rates. Join at

Here are some more task details from her post:
-email drips and broadcasts (ActiveCampaign)
-lead pages
-sales pages
-opt-in forms
-bonus if you know podcasting

Traditional Executive Assistant for Non-Traditional Virtual Role

This is a thorough, detailed job description clearly from someone operating as a professional. That’s why I like it. You show up as a professional, you’ve found yourself a great long-term gig. And, they indicate the willingness to pay higher rates for the right expertise. Someone who values quality.

Some details for the role:

Reporting directly to the CEO, the Executive Assistant (EA) will provide executive level support to the CEO and executive team. The EA will maintain the CEO’s schedule and ensure high-quality communications with stakeholders as well as coordinate an efficient and effective travel schedule. Tasks include administrative and clerical support, Managing appointment calendars, Resolving scheduling conflicts and issues, Booking travel and accommodation and Managing contact lists.

-10-20 hours per week and is preferably located in the Eastern or Central time zone.
-available M-F and very responsive to emails, phone calls, and other communication channels – eg. instant messaging.

Flexible Executive VA for CEO of Small Tech Firm

Another professional looking for a professional. They are wanting you to interface with board members and other senior roles for meeting coordination, travel details and all those details that people just want “taken care of”.

Also a willingness to pay more for the right quality of a person.

If you are traditional executive assistant material, I’d jump all over this. They seem like a fun company that’s going places!

Time: 5-10 hours per week usually, but can spike up higher. We expect it to last less than 6 months but may extend.

Go Beyond “Assistant” in Virtual Work

Go Beyond “Assistant” in Virtual Work

{Virtual Work Opportunities for the week of March 6th….scroll down…. but we’d love for you to read our advice on how to land these great opportunities first!}

Did you read last week’s article where I show you how to dig past that “assistant” vocabulary in online work opportunities?

This week we found more of those gold mines of virtual freelance work. I’m a really intuitive gut-feel led person (ENTJ for anyone who’s wondering.) As I read these posts, I got some REALLY good intuitive feelings about these positions.

Before you look at them, I want you to remember this simple math.

$30 / hour equates roughly to a $60,000 per year employee skillset (this is what the hiring business should be thinking for skillset value)

10 hours / week for 1 client = $1200 a month

With 3 clients, it’s $3600 / month.

Let’s assume you then specialize into the more advanced work and hire a low dollar (perhaps even overseas?) VA to help you with the busy work (post scheduling, formatting, etc) which can cut your hours in half, allowing you to add more clients.

You’ve just built your $5000 / month VA business.

I’ve given you some insights for each of the jobs posted this week. Many of them have the potential to be these kinds of clients. Most of them ask for you to be a “jack of all trades” but most likely out of lack of understanding of the skillset and market. (If you really know all the skills they have listed you should be at least charging $40 / hour – but don’t do that until you have the skills)


Alright….time to go prospect some new work this week:

{These virtual work opportunities are pulled from various sources around the web each week.  Some are free listings and some require a membership to sites such as FlexJobs or HireMyMomIf you want the best clients, long term business and the highest rates, we suggest using these sites over free Facebook groups.  To learn how to refine your search for the highest dollar virtual work opportunities, try our fast class.}

High Dollar Project Manager for Digital Marketing Start-Up

Client management, team formation, digital marketing and a business owner who values your skills and is willing to pay professional rates.

Plus that flexibility – seeking someone who can work independently, is intensely focused, and highly motivated.

(I’d apply for this one personally if that tells you anything 😉 )

Ongoing VA for Small IT Firm

Traditional assistant work but virtually….. this is great for someone who is not yet up on all the online business spaces but you have great office skills.

Small IT business is seeking an ONGOING VA who can assist with a variety of tasks. Management of specific tasks associated with business email, WordPress website, scheduling/project coordination, etc.


Ongoing (with room to grow) VA for Women’s Nutritional Coach

This one sounds FUN for the right person. Working in a space that is empowering to women never fails to be rewarding. And also a business owner who understands and values what it means to have a solid ongoing relationship with their VA.

This business owner is requesting an ONGOING (with room to grow) social media manager/VA who is familiar with mail chimp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and WordPress. Organized, enthusiastic, not afraid to make decisions, team player, attention to detail.

Copywriter for Real Estate Website

The position request is for a real estate website: Looking for a talented marketing and advertising copywriter, an individual who can take ideas and bring them to life through powerful and impactful prose.

So they’ve very eloquently said, “We need someone who can get creative and interesting with house listings when there are a zillion same-old house listings out there to compete with.”

What I read into this position for the right person: may get routine and boring BUT it’s flexible and this seems like a position that has been filled multiple times and they are working hard to make it interesting. Some seasons of our life, boring routine work is a great way to bring extra income.

I also expect that advanced copywriters don’t apply for this kind of work and it’d be a great way to expand your copywriting resume.

Some more of their job description is here:
Skills to write in a variety of formats: long-form website copy, effective headlines, tag-lines, calls to action, product descriptions, and more, so the work will be fun, exciting and challenging, you WON’T be bored, and your work will make an impact.

Online Marketing Savvy VA for Career Coach

This list of skills requested is BIG. Do you know what that means? It will scare away a lot of people from applying. (And perhaps the business owner doesn’t have the right expectations but…. they’re a career coach which I bet makes them pretty open to understanding that most VA’s aren’t experts in every item on that list!)

Here’s the request:
Looking for a VA to help with social media, email campaign setups, client intake, and more..
Prefer someone with a solid understanding (or at least familiarity) of FB marketing, Mailerlite, Hootsuite, Leadpages, and Kajabi.
Ability to use YOAST is a plus.

PT Daytime Hours Admin Assistant to CEO

Interesting request here…. this person owns an Executive Assistant firm however they now want their own Executive Assistant. (Makes me wonder a bit why they don’t pluck one of their own best candidates but perhaps they are billing well and profitable? And maybe this position will open you up to other work with them?)

A nice thing about this position is daytime hours only. So no expectation to work around the clock, you know, since you are virtual and want flexibility.

The specific skills they ask for are standard: research on tasks, follow up e-mails via a company provided e-mail, and/or minimal phone calls. Very basic tasks, but experience is preferred.

Learn how to find more High Dollar Virtual Work Opportunities 

Our Fast Classes are an affordable way to get training and grow your virtual professional business.

10 Jobs That Easily Transition Into Work From Home Virtual Assistant

10 Jobs That Easily Transition Into Work From Home Virtual Assistant

Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 9

You’ve got skills…but how do you best leverage them to start a successful work from home virtual assistant business?

I often hear people that come into the How She Quits Community worry over the fact that they don’t have the right skill set to start a Virtual Professional business. In episode 9 we’re going to ditch the doubt and learn the transferable skills professions like teachers, administrative assistants, nurses, bloggers, sales reps and others have that translate into work from home virtual assistant jobs.

Today we’re going to look at 10 jobs and their transferable skills, the opportunities in the market you can use them for and the unique appeal they offer to your potential clients.

Here are some highlights from the interview that you really don’t want to miss (just forward to the time stamp noted before the highlight).

2:41 Why you shouldn’t get stuck on the word assistant…more detail on that here

5:55 Teachers – “Teachers have a big opportunity to move into the VA space because they have a great mix of organizational and creative skills”

8:55 Administrative Assistants

10:33 Customer Service – “Customer Service Professionals have a unique ability to problem solve in a very professional manner.”

14:06 Technical Support

16:53 Nursing – “Nurses can make excellent VA’s because they value process and protocol, and not making mistakes.”

18:45 Accounting/Bookkeeping

20:54 Marketing

22:14 Project Manager – “If you can create a process to make sure big things get done you can be a winner in the VA space.”

23:53 Technical Work, QA or Developer

25:40 Sales – “you don’t just have to work commission”

I also got to answer some questions from the live audience… I seriously love taking you questions, join me live and hit me up!

30:02 My thoughts on Flex Jobs vs. Hire My Mom vs. Upwork

33:55 What jobs should you bid for if you have little ones at home with you?


Don’t Let Your Ego Get Stuck On The Job Title “Assistant”

Don’t Let Your Ego Get Stuck On The Job Title “Assistant”

{Virtual Work Opportunities for the week of February 27th….scroll down…. but we’d love for you to read our advice on how to land these great opportunities first!}

So many of the virtual work opportunities you see are seeking an “assistant” of some kind. Executive Assistant. Virtual Assistant. Because that’s the term the online world has come to use.

Not because you are only worthy of being an “assistant”.  Did you hear that?

The term VA is WAY too broad. It means a million different things. And if you’re like me, you aren’t in this to be someone’s “assistant”. You started your own business to possibly do something more. Yet as I dig into the job descriptions, it doesn’t look at all like an assistant. I see requests like this:

  • SEO Expert
  • Certified Project Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Copywriter
  • FB Ads Work
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Designer

Excuse me, but those are highly SKILLED positions and not just assistant work, ok?

Now, there is plenty of personal assistant work out there too. Travel booking, calendar management, customer service answering, file organization, etc. That’s definitely a path.

Have you heard me call this online business world the “wild wild west”? It’s true.

Business owners are all over the map deciding what they need. And service providers are all over the map designing a business and services that match their lifestyle. (Pretty amazing opportunity when you think about it that way.)

Some of these business owners want someone who can mind-hack their SEO AND book their travel. It’s ideal, right? Only one person to interact with and take some workload off their plate. I don’t see it as work that is below me when I can streamline their entire business.

It’s stepping up to SERVE and serve well. And as their business grows, you will move into the highly skilled roles and be able to hire a true assistant/apprentice for the other work. The business owner will see your time as too valuable to spend on more administrative tasks.

(Side note: I am going through this with my own VA team right now. We are finding everyone’s sweet spot and realizing there are more admin tasks we could offshore to a very low dollar Phillipino VA soon. My team doesn’t see this as a threat but as an opportunity to grow and advance their own higher value skillsets.)

When you see a virtual work description with mixed messages like “admin work + highly skilled at _________”, there are 2 things to consider:

1. Unrealistic expectations from the business owner

If they want to pay you like an admin assistant but expect you to do skilled work like SEO, web design, etc, then I would not take the work.

However, it’s worth a conversation to try to negotiate and explain. Which brings me to the next point…..

2. A potential to educate the business owner and step into a great opportunity.

It could be that this business owner is simply unaware. The market moves fast. It’s actually really challenging to figure out what kind of VA to hire and where to find the right one. I talk to people often who are in this dilemma. (and refer them to the right person in my How She Quits Collective community.)

If you’ve got the talent and can have the right guiding conversation with a business owner, they will immediately see you are too skilled to spend time booking their travel. (However, you could be a “right-hand girl” coordinator and have a lower dollar contractor of your own to do that work right?)

Start with a short-term agreement and see how it goes. Just maybe you will educate this business owner and transform their success.

To find these opportunities, we need to tell our ego to take a seat and explore those “assistant” types of opportunities to find the gold mine that is behind them.

This week’s virtual work opportunities are full of these “assistant” gems.

Read them with fresh insights on their potential.

Executive Assistant / Project Manager

View Posting

Perfect for that professional in corporate with certified project management skills who wants to move into virtual work!

Virtual Assistant with Video Smarts

View Posting

Room to grow for the right go-getter VA on this assignment!

Just a little bit of video know how can take you far in 2018. (HINT: This is all learnable for free. On YouTube of course.)

Virtual Assistant for Organized Tech Startup

View Posting

When they ask for someone who is “stable and organized”, they’ve likely already had bad experiences and definitely prefer that “professional” approach. I like the vibe I get from this potential project!

Virtual Executive Assistant

View Posting

Class Executive Assistant position…..with the modern twist of working virtually from home.

PT Health Conscious Creative Social Media Expert

View Posting

This entrepreneur is on the pulse of what’s working in online marketing right now. Repurposing FB lives. Hook up with them and stay on the cutting edge!

Superstar Phone Appointment Setter for Profitable Ad Agency

(view posting)  

Great entry level position for someone who loves to interact with people… included!

Are you a Virtual Professional who wants to be in a community of “professionals” and not “assistants”?

Our goal is to tame this wild, wild, west with professional skills, at high-value rates while working from home and enjoying our families.

job title

job title descirption klaldf



4 Piece Framework for Busy Moms to Build a Simple Online Business

4 Piece Framework for Busy Moms to Build a Simple Online Business


Welcome to The How She Quits Show – Episode 8

This week we’re going to take a bird’s eye view of your business and talk about the 4 cornerstones you need to have in place in order to enjoy a SIMPLE Online Business that is successful, even as a busy mom.

You might be expecting to talk about streamlining your social media posts, optimizing you blog or how to start a podcast. It’s true these things can be helpful tools to use, but I’m talking about real mom life things. You need to go deeper, and I’m encouraging you to consider aspects that will impact your work/life balance in a really meaningful way.  When this 4 piece framework is in alignment you can achieve the holy grain of running a SIMPLE Online Business that works for you and your family life.

4 Piece Framework to Build a Simple Online Business

First most important question: Will my business strategy work? Am I clear on my model, what I’m selling and how I’m selling it?

#1 What Do You Know – You’ve got to be clear on this or you’re going to hesitate in your work.

#2 What Do You Do – What does your day to day really look like? How is that serving you?

Getting solid on these first points are a great start but where you’re at with the next two can mean sabotage or success for your online business.

#3 What Do You Believe – Your thoughts impact your actions.

#4 What’s Going On in Life Around You – Reality Check.


Now that we have some perspective, let’s dial in. Check out the video for more examples for how to apply these steps to your online business. Then get practical with these tips on how you can gain clarity and tighten up this framework to keep your business simple and sustainable.

#1 What Do You Know 

  • Get clear on your expertise and the skills you have. What do you do well?
  • Make a list and plan for the things you don’t know but want to learn.
  • Compare yourself ONLY enough to to be sure your expectations are accurate.

#2 What Do You Do

#3 What Do You Believe

  • Get alone with your thoughts. Journal, meditate, pray, LISTEN.
  • LET GO of something that’s causing you struggle in this space.

#4 What’s Going On in Life Around You


So much of the advise out there right now oversimplifies or leaves out the additional responsibilities we have to consider as busy moms. This framework is high level, if you’re off in one of these areas this episode may only serve to bring more awareness to that which needs attention.

The How She Quits Collective is a community build with real life working moms in mind. It’s the place to talk with other moms that desire run an online business that is simple and sustainable. It’s a place to feel supported and well advised in your endeavors. We would love for you to join us!

Should You Apply To Jobs With “Overwhelmed” Entrepreneurs?

Should You Apply To Jobs With “Overwhelmed” Entrepreneurs?

Once again I excited myself with these great virtual work opportunities we dug up this week.

Such fun projects! Such important work!

I added some tips for your process in applying for these positions.  Then I came across this comment in one of the opportunities:

“This is my very first time at this, and I am very overwhelmed.”

Both excitement and red flags went up at the same time. This COULD be an opportunity to really serve and serve well. Or, it could be a disaster.

Here’s my advice on how to discern which path this might take. As you interact with this business owner you need to determine the following:

1. Are they self-aware?

As in, they know their own stuff really well and also know what they don’t know. This job posting is to (smartly) help them fill the gaps in what isn’t their zone of genius so they are getting out of the way.

Or, did they plunge full force into this, realized they don’t know how to do it, and now need someone to dig them out of a mess?

2. Are they open to learning and suggestions?

If they are overwhelmed, they likely need some new systems in place. They definitely need to learn what it’s going to take to get this work done. (i.e. will it take an hour to do that or 2 days? and what resources do you need from them to make it successful?)

If they are open, then you have a great chance to come in with your expertise and organization and communication skills and shine. You can rescue them and let them sit happily in their zone of genius while you sit in yours. This is the space where their business explodes, your value is noticed, and long-term work develops.

As you talk to them about the work to be done, look for red flags that show their expectations may not be correct. If they expect you to process 21 live streams in 21 days with 1 hour a day, that’s a red flag. And if they aren’t open to your explanation for why it will take longer, then run away from this project as fast as you can!

If you apply for that position (or one like it) and find value in this advice, reply to this email and let us know. We learn by knowing what’s most helpful for you.

This Week’s FUN & EXCITING Virtual Work Opportunities:

Tech Savvy Virtual Assistant for Online Summit 

Do you have experience working with Online Summits? Are you a research wizard?
Tech Savvy VA needed for Online Summit for blog and email set-up. Social Media experience is a PLUS!

A quote directly from this business owner seeking to be rescued: “This is my very first time at this, and I am very overwhelmed.”

TIP: If this business owner is self-aware and good at delegating, this could be a DREAM gig. If they are in way over their head, it could get out of control and you need to be the emotionally intelligent and director here. Sniff this out well in the interview process.

 Experienced VA for Website Design Company

Are you a Customer Service expert? Do you have a talent sourcing experience?
Web Design & Marketing company is in need of a VA to work on a variety of tasks & projects between 10-15 hours a week.

TIP: When you partner with a company like this and show your ability to learn quickly, you will work your way into top dollar website experience quickly.

Virtual Assistant/Marketing Strategist for Wellness Firm  (already filled!)

High Dollar Opportunity! $40 an hour – 10 hours a week.
Long-Term Potential
Do you have an interest in holistic health & wellness? Are you a Marketing strategy wizard?
An established virtual, holistic, clinical nutrition wellness firm seeks a marketing strategist to create an effective marketing strategy, and implement it. The position will be pivotal in moving the firm forward and growing the brand. (Requires a free Upwork account to apply)

Part-Time Invoice & Bookkeeping Expert for Consulting Company

High Dollar Potential – $20-35 per hr.
Do you have experience in bookkeeping? Do you enjoy solving problems?
Consulting company looking for an expert in accounting to assist with light bookkeeping and other financial management related tasks. Applicant should have at least 1-year experience working remotely. (Hire My Mom requires an account to access the full details. We are not an affiliate partner.)

Creative & Experienced Social Media Wizard

Productivity and Business Coach is seeking a social media expert VA to grow and manage the audience for two companies while also improving engagement. (Hire My Mom requires an account to access the full details. We are not an affiliate partner.)

Do you have more questions about job opportunities like that?
How to approach them? What to charge? To dive in and do the work or run?

These are the kinds of topics we discuss in the How She Quits Collective. Simple Online Business for Busy Moms.