Should You Apply To Jobs With “Overwhelmed” Entrepreneurs?

Should You Apply To Jobs With “Overwhelmed” Entrepreneurs?

Once again I excited myself with these great virtual work opportunities we dug up this week.

Such fun projects! Such important work!

I added some tips for your process in applying for these positions.  Then I came across this comment in one of the opportunities:

“This is my very first time at this, and I am very overwhelmed.”

Both excitement and red flags went up at the same time. This COULD be an opportunity to really serve and serve well. Or, it could be a disaster.

Here’s my advice on how to discern which path this might take. As you interact with this business owner you need to determine the following:

1. Are they self-aware?

As in, they know their own stuff really well and also know what they don’t know. This job posting is to (smartly) help them fill the gaps in what isn’t their zone of genius so they are getting out of the way.

Or, did they plunge full force into this, realized they don’t know how to do it, and now need someone to dig them out of a mess?

2. Are they open to learning and suggestions?

If they are overwhelmed, they likely need some new systems in place. They definitely need to learn what it’s going to take to get this work done. (i.e. will it take an hour to do that or 2 days? and what resources do you need from them to make it successful?)

If they are open, then you have a great chance to come in with your expertise and organization and communication skills and shine. You can rescue them and let them sit happily in their zone of genius while you sit in yours. This is the space where their business explodes, your value is noticed, and long-term work develops.

As you talk to them about the work to be done, look for red flags that show their expectations may not be correct. If they expect you to process 21 live streams in 21 days with 1 hour a day, that’s a red flag. And if they aren’t open to your explanation for why it will take longer, then run away from this project as fast as you can!

If you apply for that position (or one like it) and find value in this advice, reply to this email and let us know. We learn by knowing what’s most helpful for you.

This Week’s FUN & EXCITING Virtual Work Opportunities:

Tech Savvy Virtual Assistant for Online Summit 

Do you have experience working with Online Summits? Are you a research wizard?
Tech Savvy VA needed for Online Summit for blog and email set-up. Social Media experience is a PLUS!

A quote directly from this business owner seeking to be rescued: “This is my very first time at this, and I am very overwhelmed.”

TIP: If this business owner is self-aware and good at delegating, this could be a DREAM gig. If they are in way over their head, it could get out of control and you need to be the emotionally intelligent and director here. Sniff this out well in the interview process.

 Experienced VA for Website Design Company

Are you a Customer Service expert? Do you have a talent sourcing experience?
Web Design & Marketing company is in need of a VA to work on a variety of tasks & projects between 10-15 hours a week.

TIP: When you partner with a company like this and show your ability to learn quickly, you will work your way into top dollar website experience quickly.

Virtual Assistant/Marketing Strategist for Wellness Firm  (already filled!)

High Dollar Opportunity! $40 an hour – 10 hours a week.
Long-Term Potential
Do you have an interest in holistic health & wellness? Are you a Marketing strategy wizard?
An established virtual, holistic, clinical nutrition wellness firm seeks a marketing strategist to create an effective marketing strategy, and implement it. The position will be pivotal in moving the firm forward and growing the brand. (Requires a free Upwork account to apply)

Part-Time Invoice & Bookkeeping Expert for Consulting Company

High Dollar Potential – $20-35 per hr.
Do you have experience in bookkeeping? Do you enjoy solving problems?
Consulting company looking for an expert in accounting to assist with light bookkeeping and other financial management related tasks. Applicant should have at least 1-year experience working remotely. (Hire My Mom requires an account to access the full details. We are not an affiliate partner.)

Creative & Experienced Social Media Wizard

Productivity and Business Coach is seeking a social media expert VA to grow and manage the audience for two companies while also improving engagement. (Hire My Mom requires an account to access the full details. We are not an affiliate partner.)

Do you have more questions about job opportunities like that?
How to approach them? What to charge? To dive in and do the work or run?

These are the kinds of topics we discuss in the How She Quits Collective. Simple Online Business for Busy Moms.

Short Time Offer – The Complete Simple Online Business Program for Busy Moms

Short Time Offer – The Complete Simple Online Business Program for Busy Moms

B-School Registration is Open Only Through March 1

As an alumni and partner who believes in the value of the program, I want to extend you a special offer.

For those who register for B-School with me, you have 2 BONUS options depending on your business needs.

  • 6 Months Access to How She Quits Collective Membership Community
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    • March, April and June to carry you through B-School
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Is B-School for me?

Are you seeking a structured, proven system to rapidly learn good online marketing AND business strategy?  Then yes.   B-School teaches high quality lessons in an efficient, easy to learn format.

It is for:   anyone wanting to run an online business – coaching, consulting, blogging (we’ll make a business out of it for you!), online courses, memberships and any service based work such as – virtual professsional services, web design, VA, copywriters, graphic designers, social media managers, book keepers, etc.

Are Lori’s bonuses for me?

I offered 2 bonus options, depending on your type of business.   My philosophy comes from 20+ years of business strategy and over 10 years in the online marketing space working with big and just starting baby brands.   If you have questions about that, just ask.

If you want to start or grow your VA or Virtual Professional business, the 6 Weeks To Clients track is perfect for you (and includes a website – hello!)

If you want to move into online course / info product or other coaching options, then our new How She Quits Collective PLUS my 1-on-1 coaching including a funnel design, is the right bonus for you.

Can I do B-School at a later time?

It’s only open once a year.  Which is right now.  I’m not into pressuring people into doing anything.  It has to be the right timing.  But honestly, March – April is a GREAT time to dive in. While the new year is fresh, goals are still in eye sight, and summer hasn’t side-swiped all your free time.

Is the price worth it?

Loaded question right?  This is a $1999 program.  Not the cheap by any means.  And a scary number to commit to for many!   This is one reason I offer my bonuses like I do.  It basically makes it a 2-for-1, a BOGO, an unbeatable offer to get my programs as well as the amazing B-School.

If I didn’t believe in the ROI (return on investment) of this program, I would not be a partner (there are currently only 2 things I respect enough to be a partner for.  B-School and 90 Day Year.  Both game changers in my business.)

At the end of the day, math is not emotional.   Can you show the math that will pay back the value of this course?   For me, it paid back immediately as I opened a new membership program that raised $5000.  In other years, I’ve invested in programs that brought me 2 new clients, worth $2000 each initially and more over time.    What does your math look like?    If it’s not clear, then consider this a training investment.   A place where you will get highly valuable strategic guidance to save time and money as you design your business.

How much time does this take?

While you can pace yourself, I recommend trying to stay within a week or two of the program schedule to get the most out of it.  Calls are recorded so you can always go back and listen.  With 2 hours a week, you can really get a lot out of this program.  With more, you can get more.

Want to hear more?  Here’s my story of how B-School helped me quit my corporate job (including my intervew with Marie Forleo herself.)

Or you can grab some time on my calendar to talk more.


Is Your Next Favorite Client Out There?

Is Your Next Favorite Client Out There?

We scouted 5 more high potential virtual work opportunities ready for you to jump on.

VA for Child Sleep Consultant 

Do you have experience with member websites? Are you a WordPress Wiz?
Child Sleep Consultant is seeking a VA for website, email and Facebook group management. 3 hours a week initially, the hours are very flexible. There is the possibility for more hours each week working in different areas of the business.

Create Copy & Graphics for WordPress, Flyers + Social

HOT! Start Date: 2/15/18
High-Dollar Potential!
Health Facilitator and Trainer is seeking a VA to help with updates to a WordPress website, help with graphics, copy on fliers and other promotional materials. Social media marketing experience a PLUS!

Entry Level, PT VA For Dental Organization

Aspiring dental entrepreneurs organization is seeking a part-time VA who loves dealing with clients, work freedom & flexibility, and helping DRIVE growth of a growing business. Part Time position 15-25 hours per week @ $15-17 per hour.
Perfect opportunity for a new VA who loves multi-tasking and diving into the details.

Savvy & Creative Virtual Assistant for Social Impact Marketing

Are you a Rock Star in social media marketing? Do you have magical email marketing skills? Stellar customer service skills?
A Social Impact Marketing company is seeking a dynamic person who has experience with creative entrepreneurs and understands the balance between a creative process and goal oriented structure.

PT Virtual Admin Assistant to Improve Customer Service Delivery

Strategic communications firm is seeking an Administrative Assistant to contribute to client advisory and training practices by working closely with the VP of Client Services and supporting the founder and CEO. The ideal candidate has a background in customer service and intuitively seeks to up-level customer experience with each interaction, passionate about using technology business tools, and attitude is, “if I don’t know it, I can learn it.” This role is ideal for a half-time contractor position, with strong potential for growth in responsibilities, and hours.

But do you have questions? Things like…..

“Is this something that fits me?”

“How should I approach this one with my skillset?”

“I applied for one last week and they came back asking for some structure I’m not sure I can accommodate. How can I negotiate for more flexibility?”

“Can I even handle a client while balancing family and a day job?”

“But if I really want to have a blog and online courses, but I need money, should I be applying for these? How do I balance both?”

For the past few months, we’ve been answering questions like this in a private beta membership community.

And it’s NOW going to be available to you.

The How She Quits Collective is for real, normal, regular moms who need a SIMPLE way to run their online business (also amazing, brilliant, efficient and more but I know you feel way more “regular” like me).

If you are running any kind of online business – VA, freelance, blogger, coach, consultant – this is the place where we get real and cut through the fluff to the things that really move the needle on your business.

You can take a peek yourself at

Work that Works For Busy Moms

Welcome to The How She Quits Show – Episode 7

Not all of you are here to quit your day job. You’ve chosen to be a stay at home mom for multiple reasons that make sense for your family. But you want to quit stretching that single income so far! You want flexible work that accommodates a family routine.

We’re going to show you the simple steps to go from Homeschool or stay at home mom, to having some extra income in just a few hours a week.

In Episode 7

I’m visiting with Claire Crum, a Homeschool mom running a successful Virtual Assistant business all while maintaining the flexibility her family routine requires. My interview with her covered many great questions and topics those looking to enter into the Virtual Professional industry want to know, and because I know you are all busy moms (and efficiency is my love language) we’ve got time-stamps for you to jump to your burning questions.

1:40 More about Claire

4:36 How fast can I train up to become a Virtual Professional?

6:46 How much Virtual Assistant work is out there?

7:15 How to pick work that flexes around your family

10:04 How to create contracts that match the hours you want to work because this marketplace is “the wild wild west”

11:15 What kind of people hire VA’s? What kind of projects does Claire work on?

17:18 My Virtual Professional Competency Matrix and building your portfolio

21:47 Example Virtual Work Opportunities – Sign up to receive these curated lists each week at

25:33 REAL TALK about how much money you can make as a Virtual Assistant

31:10 Why serving well means more and better work –> How to make referrals work for you

31:53 Claire’s Verified Virtual Portfolio and how she fast tracked her learning to fill it out in just a few weeks.

36:55 How to get a FREE Virtual Professional Website + 1 year of hosting – Yes FREE, Learn More

39:10 Why the new How She Quits Collective, community of women, is the difference maker for your Virtual Assistant business

41:12 How fast can you get your first client?

44:03 Claire’s valuable closing thoughts


Ready for all the details to start your own mom-life friendly VA business?

Access our free webinar and resources here.

For stay at home moms, homeschool moms or any mom wanting to know how to start a VA business.

Finding Your Tribe

Success stories like Claire’s are encouraging to hear. Finding work that works for every mom by providing them with a profitable income earned within a flexible schedule and accommodates the needs of their family is a dream that I want all moms to see realized.

The How She Quits Collective was born because of my strong desire to support and mentor women on the path to finding and growing flexible work that works. I invite you to learn more about this special community of women by visiting

Start a Profitable VA Business That Accommodates Your  Homeschool Routine

Start a Profitable VA Business That Accommodates Your Homeschool Routine

I hear you stay-at-home moms.  It’s not always about quitting a day job.

You’d love to find a way to make some side income for your single-income family.

Many moms want to find that flexible work to bring in some extra income for their family, and maybe more importantly, feel purposeful outside of motherhood.

As we were reviewing virtual work opportunities this, it kept hitting me how great these would be for a homeschool mom.

Along with these awesome job opportunities below, we decided to offer a free training especially focused on Homeschool Moms.

Claire Crum is a homeschool mom who recently added VA to her list of responsibilities and has great insights on how to get started.

If you follow “mompreneurs” online (by the way, do you even like that word? I fell into a super interesting discussion thread on that topic this week.)…..back on track….if you follow them online, you may see a lot of hype around 6 figure launches, 5 figure months, blah blah blah. Yeah, it’d be nice.

I know a lot of moms would be super happy to have an extra $1000, $2000 or even $5000 a month with the right kind of flexible work.

Watch our free webinar here.

And PS:  This isn’t just for homeschool moms.  It’s a great overview for anyone of what it means to be a VA, where you find clients, what kind of work you do and how to get started.

Here are some great virtual work opportunities for anyone who wants those dollars and that flexibility:

On-Going Personal Assistant for e-Commerce Biz Are you a quick learner? Do you have customer service experience? Large-scale e-commerce business is looking for an assistant to assist with various tasks such as data entry, responding to customer emails and product research.

Super Flexible PT Appointment Setter Are you available a couple of hours a day? Established pressure washer & sealant company is seeking someone with good phone skills to follow up with leads to set up appointments for a free estimate of services offered.

PT VA for Real Estate Photographer Do you enjoy webpage management and staying on top site updates? Real Estate photographer is seeking a PT VA for website management, promo events and opt-in pages. Position starts as part-time with the possibility for full time as the company branches out into to other photography types.

Tech-Savvy WordPress VA for an Online Summit Are you a WordPress Guru? Do you have a “problem-solving brain”? Online Mentor is seeking a technical assistant to assist with the launch of an online summit in April.

WordPress, Social and Email – PT Entry Level VA Are you a new VA looking for experience? Do you have experience with WordPress? The ideal candidate will have social media skill and experience with Google Apps. VA is needed to manage email and schedule social media postings.



Why These Hiring Companies Want A Real Girl Like You

Why These Hiring Companies Want A Real Girl Like You

You may not believe this (because the internet does weird things to skew our perception) but I’m a very “real” and “normal” girl. One time my pastor actually called us “regular people”. I was momentarily offended and then realized he was so right!

And do you know who is behind these virtual work opportunities we post each week? More real people. People you will email, and eventually pick up the phone or video conference and talk to with your real voices.

So don’t hesitate as you are reading these and think “these aren’t for a normal girl like me.” Because most all of us are just normal people saying  “Hey! I’ll do that. Here’s my rate.”

You virtually shake and get to work.  Then, a paycheck shows up and you smile bigger 🙂

Here’s to work-from-home dreams from one regular girl to another……. check out our favorite virtual work opportunities this week:


Act FAST! This position will be open for applications through January 31, 2018.
Are you a tech-savvy, NEW VA? Perfect for an Entry-Level VA looking for experience.
A fast-paced digital marketing agency offering a flexible opportunity for the right candidate. An ideal candidate will have proficiency in tools including Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Basecamp, as well as other tools. Comfort with and willingness to adapt quickly to different tech platforms.

Ongoing Adventure & Travel Video Copywriter

Are you experienced with video promotions and marketing campaigns? Do you enjoy adventure and travel?
Looking for a reliable, experienced copywriter to write short scripts that can be used for voice-overs in video campaigns with brands and destinations.

MailChimp VA for Solopreneur

Are you a Mailchimp wiz? Do you enjoy email marketing?
Solopreneur is looking for someone who enjoys writing and designing marketing emails. Seeking support for designing newsletters and blogs with possible social media support.

PT Remote Admin Assistant for Start-Up

Do you have office administrative experience? Are you an online booking tool wiz?
The ideal candidate will be responsive and communicative, with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment to support our Executive Leadership team with scheduling, project support and general administrative duties on an ad-hoc basis.

Long-Term Assistant for Publishing Industry

Looking for a long-term remote position? Are you an Expert Assistant? Do you have experience in the publishing industry?
Publishing business looking for an experienced person to help with a variety of tasks with excellent writing skills.

Copywriting for Virtual Marketing Agency

Do you enjoy variety in different projects?
Virtual Agency is seeking a copywriter for a variety of responsibilities such as managing social media accounts, marketing content online, and hosting webinars.

Ongoing eCommerce Content Writer

Are you a link building wiz? Are you an SEO expert?
Explore different topics pertaining to email and inbound marketing to effectively write and create needed content for articles/blogs, work on building quality blog posts. This could also grow into other writing projects as the need arises.

In case you want to hear from another real-life mom and a regular girl like me who recently quit her day job to become a VA, catch our latest episode of the How She Quits Show here: