What do you want more than anything?

Work! Clients! Projects!

(that gets you out of the day job and home with your family right?)

Welcome to our Virtual Work Finder Guide

This guide includes my current, always up to date, favorite tools for finding virtual work that is flexible and family friendly.

I *only* share what I feel are quality, reputable sites here.  When you Google “work from home”, every scam and it’s third cousin will pop up. Because people are hungry and desperate to make money, in a seemingly “easy” way. We try to avoid those here and get you straight to the legitimate opportunities.

These choices are for you if:

  • You are not looking for a silver bullet to passive income.
  • You have quality skills in things you enjoy doing for which there are great virtual work opportunities (VAs, graphics designers, web designers, writers, marketing, coaches, sales, etc.).
  • You don’t want to have to sell to your friends and family or “build a team” to earn your income.
  • You are ready to be a virtual professional completing projects at $20, $30, $50 even $100 dollars an hour depending on the skill and experience level.

I personally recommend….

You know what happens when you start training moms with professional skills how to build their own freelance businesses?   Your personal network screams, “I need someone who…” and asks you to post the job.

I personally curate, review and verify all opportunities posted here.  Consider it high quality work meeting high quality prospective freelancers.

(If you have an open position you want to post here, contact us).

FlexJobs the highest quality, most professional freelance work opportunities

The strength of FlexJobs is the quality and calibre of the professional work opportunities.  No it’s not free to join, however you are likely seeking positions that are $25+ per hour.  And one month of membership is less than that.

This site is where professionals and corporations turn to post their best freelance and telecommute projects.   (Be sure to use those criteria in your searches.)  It also has a high volume of of opportunities flowing in so check daily, set alerts and be responsive in applying and following up with messages.

HireMyMom.com – The PERFECT Name for a job website for moms

Don’t you love that marketing?  It’s exactly what we want!   And there are some really good gigs out there.

Here’s my caution with this site.  Fair or not, the perception of hiring moms who work from home is that they can be paid a lower dollar amount. Hmmmmm. I’m not down with that. So go seek out some great companies and projects, but don’t be talked into lower pay than your smarty-pants professional skills are worth!

Job volume is lower here than on FlexJobs but the type of work for moms is more on target so there is less filtering through other full time positions.


Perhaps the largest platform for freelance work but therefore with more “competition”.  There are LOTS of projects on here but also lots of contenders and many low cost hourly rates from internationals.

Don’t let that deter you. Be responsive. Be thorough. Be better. And you will find companies who appreciate a native English speaker with high end professional experience.

Want to be the first to know of our Virtual Work Opportunities?

Complete our 6 Weeks To Clients program and become a Verified Virtual Professional. This is my go to list of candidates I refer to others who are seeking professional virtual workers.

In this program we teach you how to:

  • Present your professional skills in a way that is most appealing to potential clients
  • Find and seek the right kinds of clients and projects and then….
  • Over deliver for these clients until you are producing so much referral work you never need to market yourself again!

This program opens every couple of months and is application only.  Apply here at anytime and for a free consult to determine if you are a fit to be a Verified Virtual Professional.

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The fastest way to get started is to be trained through the programs that bring results over and over. Lori has mentored and trained hundreds of people in the digital work space, and has designed and built multiple successful 6 figure businesses. Her style is efficient, specific and founded in techniques that produce results. (Because no working mom with 4 kids has time for anything but the best, most efficient approach.)

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