Register by March 4th For B-School and Receive My One-on-One Coaching Program At No Cost

I’m honored to be an affiliate for Marie Forleo’s fabulous B-School program that propelled me to where my businesses are today. grew from “just a small blog” in 2012 to now with over 100,000 followers, 15,000 subscribers and over 5,000 registered members of our community.   This.  Program.  Works.

We don’t have time to take a chance on the next new compelling email that lands in your inbox.   This 6 week program is repeatable for life. And perfect for you if you are….

  • Looking to start a business
  • Stuck in any stage of your current business
  • Need a reliable structured program to design your business to work for you and your clients
  • For online businesses as well as in person businesses – store fronts, services and yes, even non -profits

Even if you can’t do B-School right now, start here watching this free video series.

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Short Term One-on-One Coaching To Help You Over That Hurdle

Right now, my business model only allows me to take on a few individual clients so I can pour into you with the best of me.  And no one is anxious to dive into another 6 week system.   You just want someone to talk to.  I get that.  The process looks like this:

  1. Send me in written format your current needs in as much or as little detail as you can.
  2. I will review and reply with a proposed work plan.
  3. You complete the pre-work assessment and I review.
  4. We spend 2, One hour screen share conference call sessions together within 1 day of each other.  (Carve out the time…..think and implement between)  You get a written set of notes and action plan from our meetings including any templates, marketing content or more that we create together.
  5. 30 minute follow up call 1 week later