What if you are only a few steps away from doing work you love from the comfort of your couch?

Free Step-by-Step Workbook to Create Your Corporate Exit Strategy

If you are a mom with professional skills spending all of your best waking hours in a cubicle, there is something better ahead. Something that’s good for your mind, body, soul and family.

Hi, I’m Lori.

It took me 22 years to navigate my way from day job to dream job working from home doing work I love and commanding the income that my professional experiences merit.

At many points along the way I reached out to programs and people I thought could get me there faster. Many of those left me disappointed and convincing myself to just tolerate the 9-5 (7-6 right?). But the ideas still burned in my heart and I was simply exhausted working full time outside the home while my kids were growing up before my eyes.  

I knew there was a business out there for me that would be more flexible for my family, still financially beneficial using my professional skills and where I could serve well. I just wanted someone to give me some confirmation and guidance. Someone who’s been there to say “Go ahead.  Tweak this. Rock that. You’ve got this.”

How She Quits is just that.

A roadmap.

A community.

And the method for you to exit your corporate job and grow a Virtual Professional business using the skills you already have.

About Lori Mercer

  • Mom of 4.  Wife of Firefighter.
  • Software Engineer who climbed the corporate ladder thru marketing, program development and global leadership.
  • Founder of largest national fire family non-profit serving over 150,000
  • Virtual Professional advising multiple 6 figure online businesses.
  • Hiring and placing Virtual Professional moms just like me

On a mission to free 1000 moms from cubicles!

stuck in the day job

Want to quit?

already a virtual professional

Want to grow?

online business owner

Want strategy?

What Virtual Professionals Are Saying about How She Quits

Laisha Dailey

Lori is a trusted advisor and someone I consider as part of my “inner circle” to help guide me in the process of building my own virtual business. Lori has: 1) Opened my eyes to the world of virtual work opportunities leveraging my professional skills. 2) Equipped me with resources that help provide momentum and quick wins to build my business, while also establishing simple, scalable processes for the long term. 3) Spoken “truth in love” every step of the way!Her desire is to help professional women like you and me, including help in avoiding some of the pitfalls and landmines that come with being an entrepreneur.

Her track record of creating businesses from the ground up (both non-profit and for profit) was already impressive, but the fact that she is sharing the tips and resources from her toolkit…WOW! Ladies, look no further because Lori is the real deal.

JoDitt Williams

I’m amazed at the progress I made during the 6 Weeks to Clients program. When I started I was unclear on how to get clients, or where to even begin to look for freelance jobs, what kind of services or packages to offer, how much to charge, or what clients would be willing to pay for.

At the end of the 6 Weeks, I had gained my first monthly client, had a “Design Services” page up on my website, was confident in my pricing, had a plan in place for getting new clients, and even learned how to quickly spot scams.

I also learned how to write a better profile bio (for social media & job boards), how to on-board clients, manage client files, and what to include in a contract. And I was thrilled to discover the best places to search for virtual work, and the best tools and apps to use to communicate more effectively with clients and manage projects.

But the most valuable part of the program was probably the accountability, encouragement, and new friendships. I’m quite sure I would not have made so much progress without these elements. Plus, I loved how Lori went above and beyond in providing so much value, answering all our questions and providing insights about work/life balance. Now I am so excited about the future, and am confident that I can get and serve clients well. 

Stephani Roberts 

Boy, do I wish I met Lori before I left my job and struck out on my own. She has given us the keys to staying off the income roller coaster. Having a steady income stream AND a way to create fluid processes in your business is essential. Otherwise, it’s a cycle of momentum, inertia, and trying to gain momentum again or accepting work that’s not a good fit just to keep the money coming in – I know this well!

As I pivot and refocus with my business, I’m excited to implement what I’ve learned and so grateful to her for creating this program. Do yourself and your family, business, a favor, and jump in!!

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