Welcome to The How She Quits Show – Episode 5




Real is what we do here. It’s not always easy but it’s totally worth it to quit your job and build a virtual business. In episode 5 of the How She Quits Show I’m interviewing Tiffany Herderhorst, who has done just that.

Tiffany is a fellow firefighter wife with 2 kidos that quit her corporate job 3 months ago. She began her exploration of work at home opportunities 6 years ago when her first child was born but found that much of what she found would continue to take her away from her family. She’s been a member of our How She Quits Community on Facebook and began her journey by enrolling in the Verified Virtual Professionals course. She quickly saw the real potential to quit her day job and replace her income as a Virtual Professional. The addition of new clients she gained while in the Virtual Work Mentoring course encouraged her to take the leap to leave corporate so that she’d have the time available to fully replace her income.

In this interview Tiffany shares

What qualifications she brought from her day job and more importantly why you don’t need to have a corporate background to become a VA.

Her biggest driver pushing her to get out of your day job…and she hits the nail on the head.

“My mom guilt was a result of what my corporate job was taking out of me.”

The real logistics and strategy she used to quit faster and what her work day looks like now.

What services she offers to make money working exclusively from home?
To check out more of her work you can take a look at her website thunlimited.com
Her best month and her path to replace her corporate income.
Where she finds clients.
Spoiler- many have come from connections made in How She Quits Community!
The most important thing she has learned and how to get over the nervousness of getting started.

And how starting her own business as a freelance Virtual Professional has improved her home life.

Tiffany was able to move more quickly toward her corporate exit, and I want the same for you.

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