Once again I excited myself with these great virtual work opportunities we dug up this week.

Such fun projects! Such important work!

I added some tips for your process in applying for these positions.  Then I came across this comment in one of the opportunities:

“This is my very first time at this, and I am very overwhelmed.”

Both excitement and red flags went up at the same time. This COULD be an opportunity to really serve and serve well. Or, it could be a disaster.

Here’s my advice on how to discern which path this might take. As you interact with this business owner you need to determine the following:

1. Are they self-aware?

As in, they know their own stuff really well and also know what they don’t know. This job posting is to (smartly) help them fill the gaps in what isn’t their zone of genius so they are getting out of the way.

Or, did they plunge full force into this, realized they don’t know how to do it, and now need someone to dig them out of a mess?

2. Are they open to learning and suggestions?

If they are overwhelmed, they likely need some new systems in place. They definitely need to learn what it’s going to take to get this work done. (i.e. will it take an hour to do that or 2 days? and what resources do you need from them to make it successful?)

If they are open, then you have a great chance to come in with your expertise and organization and communication skills and shine. You can rescue them and let them sit happily in their zone of genius while you sit in yours. This is the space where their business explodes, your value is noticed, and long-term work develops.

As you talk to them about the work to be done, look for red flags that show their expectations may not be correct. If they expect you to process 21 live streams in 21 days with 1 hour a day, that’s a red flag. And if they aren’t open to your explanation for why it will take longer, then run away from this project as fast as you can!

If you apply for that position (or one like it) and find value in this advice, reply to this email and let us know. We learn by knowing what’s most helpful for you.

This Week’s FUN & EXCITING Virtual Work Opportunities:

Tech Savvy Virtual Assistant for Online Summit 

Do you have experience working with Online Summits? Are you a research wizard?
Tech Savvy VA needed for Online Summit for blog and email set-up. Social Media experience is a PLUS!

A quote directly from this business owner seeking to be rescued: “This is my very first time at this, and I am very overwhelmed.”

TIP: If this business owner is self-aware and good at delegating, this could be a DREAM gig. If they are in way over their head, it could get out of control and you need to be the emotionally intelligent and director here. Sniff this out well in the interview process.

 Experienced VA for Website Design Company

Are you a Customer Service expert? Do you have a talent sourcing experience?
Web Design & Marketing company is in need of a VA to work on a variety of tasks & projects between 10-15 hours a week.

TIP: When you partner with a company like this and show your ability to learn quickly, you will work your way into top dollar website experience quickly.

Virtual Assistant/Marketing Strategist for Wellness Firm  (already filled!)

High Dollar Opportunity! $40 an hour – 10 hours a week.
Long-Term Potential
Do you have an interest in holistic health & wellness? Are you a Marketing strategy wizard?
An established virtual, holistic, clinical nutrition wellness firm seeks a marketing strategist to create an effective marketing strategy, and implement it. The position will be pivotal in moving the firm forward and growing the brand. (Requires a free Upwork account to apply)

Part-Time Invoice & Bookkeeping Expert for Consulting Company

High Dollar Potential – $20-35 per hr.
Do you have experience in bookkeeping? Do you enjoy solving problems?
Consulting company looking for an expert in accounting to assist with light bookkeeping and other financial management related tasks. Applicant should have at least 1-year experience working remotely. (Hire My Mom requires an account to access the full details. We are not an affiliate partner.)

Creative & Experienced Social Media Wizard

Productivity and Business Coach is seeking a social media expert VA to grow and manage the audience for two companies while also improving engagement. (Hire My Mom requires an account to access the full details. We are not an affiliate partner.)

Do you have more questions about job opportunities like that?
How to approach them? What to charge? To dive in and do the work or run?

These are the kinds of topics we discuss in the How She Quits Collective. Simple Online Business for Busy Moms.