Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 15

Today is Part 2 of a 3 part series on the How She Quits show…… we’re going to go rapidly through the most important advice for any mom running an online business today.

Part 1 Covered 3 ways to grow your 1-on-1 services business immediately. Watch Here

So what comes next? If you are maxed out with one-on-one work and want to elevate your income further…you are ready to move to Package pricing and 1-to-many programs such as online courses or memberships.

In this episode I’ll share the basics of package pricing, what questions to ask before starting an online membership or course and how to expand an already successful online course or membership program.

Part 1 in this series focused on the fastest path to cash, 1-on-1 services.

Bust you may be maxed out with that model. If you have raised your rates and have great clients, the next thing you need is efficiency. A way to make money that doesn’t require your 100% presence. Or maybe you have a dream to offer a group program in your specialty area. This lesson is for you.

Let’s talk about 2 paths to go beyond 1-on-1 services:

  1. Package Pricing
  2. 1-to-Many Programs (Online courses + Memberships)

Package Pricing

This is where you sell “service X” for $500 instead of charging hourly at $/hour.

Selling Packaged services requires 2 things:

  1. Value to the client in the package
  2. Specific measurable results

Your packaged services must make sense to your client…not simply be services you like to do at a fixed price.
(If prospects are asking you adjust packages, its’ a sign you don’t have the right packaged service.)

Because you aren’t measured by hours anymore, you must be clear and specific with your packaged services.

1-to-Many Programs

Starting an online course or membership requires:

  1. A clear or shared pain point that can be solved with your method
  2. Eyeballs. Traffic. Leads. (Meaning you need ways to drive lots of people thru your marketing channels who gain trust in YOU and your method)

Lightbulb Moment: Running an online program is building an entirely new and different business! Don’t be scared…get prepared.

Before starting your own online program, ask yourself:

Do I have the time and space to build a new audience?
New logos, new social posts, new groups to engage in, new channels to promote.

Am I prepared to wait?
Courses don’t sell instantly. Can you spend a few months without pay building an email list and social following?

Do I know how to do everything I need to on my website?
Collect leads, give them an amazing freebie and follow up with a compelling email sequence.

Do I have $$ to make this go faster with some ad spending?
This isn’t the viral growth era we experienced a few years ago.

Do I have proof my course is needed and wanted?
And are you confident your method will bring results?

And here’s your simple checklist to start selling online programs:

  1. Program name and logo
  2. Sales page and way to collect payments online
  3. Email list to market to
  4. Social Channel to market to
  5. Website/Tool to actually deliver the program itself (member area)

Most importantly…Does your program produce results for its’s participants? Focus here and all the rest is “marketing details” Bring results and the rest finds a way.

Are you ready to get started or feeling overwhelmed?

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