Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 11

Where can I find quality virtual work I can do from home? How do I effectively use the online job sites to prospect for new clients?

These are common questions for new and seasoned Virtual Professionals. On Episode 11 of the How She Quits Show I’m going to demystify this topic by giving you a live tour of Flexjobs, a job site for freelancers, but more importantly exactly HOW I filter and search to find the exact right opportunities for many different specialties – VA work, Project Managers, writers, finance gurus, marketers and more.

We’ll look at hot jobs available now and I’ll show you how to identify the jobs worth bidding for.

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Show Notes

In this episode:

  • The different types of work you can find on Flexjobs and how to find the best fit for you.
  • How to maximize the search filters
  • Specific job search examples
  • What to review on a job post to know if it’s “the one”
  • When to use Flexjobs vs other search sites
  • Tools you need when applying for any virtual work opportunity

What Criteria to Use When Reviewing Job Posts

  • Is it the business or a 3rd party hiring for the position?
  • What does it say about travel?
  • What other positions do they have open? On Flexjobs or their website.
  • Can you see yourself loving their mission/products?
  • Do they seem new to virtual work or happily exploding in this space?
  • Is it regimented times or can work be done on a flexible schedule?
  • Do the pay expectations match the requirements?

Necessary Tools for Your Virtual Work Prospecting

  1. Website + Portfolio (don’t over-complicate here!) to share with prospects
  2. Contracts, Templates, Prospecting Emails to negotiate and formalize your agreement
  3. Service Packages + Pricing to match your talent and skill level to the exact services and price for the client.

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