Part 2: 3 Ways to the Fastest Path To Income Virtually From Home

Part 2 of a 3 part series on the How She Quits show…… we’re going to go rapidly through the most important advice for any mom running an online business today.

In this episode, I’ll share the basics of package pricing, what questions to ask before starting an online membership or course and how to expand an already successful online course or membership program.

3 Ways to the Fastest Path To Income Virtually From Home

In part 1 of this 3 part series, I’m going to share some of my best advice for mom’s providing 1-on-1 services (or those wanting to!)

Online businesses progress through many phases.  And each requires a new strategy and tactics.

We’re going to go rapidly through the most important advice for any mom running an online business today.

For VAs, Freelancers, Bloggers, Coaches, Consultants….. I’m cutting right to the key facts to make you more profitable…… because like me, you don’t have the luxury of extra time. Your family needs you NOW.

How To Prepare for the Future of Freelance and VA Work

Finding Virtual Work (VA or freelance) won’t look the same in a few years.

In fact, it will be more difficult to work your way into the field. As with any new industry (and online virtual work is still quite a baby in terms of industry maturity), the market matures and changes and newcomers have a more difficult time entering the profession.

What should I do to leave corporate? What’s best for me?

This episode is going to show you how to discover the best path for you in virtual online businesses. Whether you haven’t yet started, or you are deep in the weeds and wondering…. is this right for me? I’m going to walk through that decision making process and simple options.

How to Prospect for Virtual Work Using Flexjobs

On Episode 11 of the How She Quits Show I’m going to demystify this topic by giving you a live tour of Flexjobs, a job site for freelancers, but more importantly exactly HOW I filter and search to find the exact right opportunities for many different specialties – VA work, Project Managers, writers, finance gurus, marketers and more.

Taxes, Insurance, Legalities: Basic Steps to Start Your Virtual Professional Business

Taxes – Insurance – Legalities
These can seem like big scary topics that end up being mental blocks to moving forward in your Virtual Professional Business.

Listen, there are simple black and white answers to all of this. We’ll push the noise out of your head so you can move forward to more important steps…. like landing that client who’s going to give you the money.

10 Jobs That Easily Transition Into Work From Home Virtual Assistant

You’ve got skills…but how do you best leverage them to start a successful work from home virtual assistant business?

I often hear people that come into the How She Quits Community worry over the fact that they don’t have the right skill set to start a Virtual Professional business. In episode 9 we’re going to ditch the doubt and learn the transferable skills professions like teachers, administrative assistants, nurses, bloggers, sales reps and others have that translate into work from home virtual assistant jobs.

Today we’re going to look at 10 jobs and their transferable skills, the opportunities in the market you can use them for and the unique appeal they offer to your potential clients.

4 Piece Framework for Busy Moms to Build a Simple Online Business

This week we’re going to take a bird’s eye view of your business and talk about the 4 cornerstones you need to have in place in order to enjoy a SIMPLE Online Business that is successful, even as a busy mom.

You might be expecting to talk about streamlining your social media posts, optimizing your blog or how to start a podcast. It’s true these things can be helpful tools to use, but I’m talking about real mom life things.

Work that Works For Busy Moms

Not all of you are here to quit your day job. You’ve chosen to be a stay at home mom for multiple reasons that make sense for your family. But you want to quit stretching that single income so far! You want flexible work that accommodates a family routine.

We’re going to show you the simple steps to go from Homeschool or stay at home mom, to having some extra income in just a few hours a week.

You Are NOT Behind! Restart Your Year Now

How are you feeling about your progress toward your goals so far this year?
Has self-doubt started to creep in?

We’re not going there…You Are NOT Behind.

January was a wash for me too, but….I still see progress in my business. And I’m trusting this pace and learning that we can still grow when we focus on the right things.

Interview with a Real Life Mom Who Quit Her Day Job

Real is what we do here. It’s not always easy but it’s totally worth it to quit your job and build a virtual business. In episode 5 of the How She Quits Show I’m interviewing Tiffany Herderhorst, who has done just that.

Tiffany is a fellow firefighter wife with 2 kidos that quit her corporate job 3 months ago. She began her exploration of work at home opportunities 6 years ago when her first child was born but found that much of what she found would continue to take her away from her family.

Recurring Work in Your Virtual Professional Business

In episode 4 we are talking about recurring client income.

How do you find those recurring work relationships as a virtual professional?

Let me start by saying, this is the place to learn how to become a Virtual Professional, build a business where you can do your professional work, do the things that you’re really good at that you love, but from home, and do them for people who value it, who value you. This might sound kind of warm and fuzzy, but I like to do work that brings more value into the world. So as a freelancer, as a virtual professional, I can pick and choose which clients I want, that line up with my values, that appreciate what I bring to the table.  My client list is a group of people that I just adore and have become friends, colleagues and long-term partners. That’s what I want for you.

Hottest VA Skills You Need to Increase Your Rates

One of my most asked questions from the How She Quits Community is…

How do I increase my rates as a Virtual Professional?

This is actually a really smart question to be asking because you could double or triple what you’re able to charge as a lower dollar VA who is just starting out. Imagine being able to charge $25-$50 per hour for your services, that equates to you being a $50,000-$100,000 employee if you are working full-time.

5 Small Mistakes that Cost You Clients (and How to Fix Them)

As a busy business owner who both hires my own VAs and places them with others, I can tell you that good quality VA’s are tough to come by.   I’m not talking about even the whiz-bangy tech skills or the creative geniuses.   I’m talking about a reliable, accountable, going to do what they say they will do kind of person.   Crazy huh? $20+ / hour is nothing to sneeze at but perhaps there is a misconception in the VA world as to what a business owner really expects and needs for that $20 / hour.   And it doesn’t take a lot of extra time on your part as a VA.

Planner Secrets- How to Maximize Your Time to Work Your Freelance Business

his first episodes topic is:  PLANNING SECRETS – It’s not about the pretty planner.

The important planning topics I’ll talk about:

– Are annual and 5 year plans worth it?
– Should I use the same planning method for family and business?
– Why 90 days is the ideal planning time period
– A look at a sample plan to quit your job / grow your business in 90 days