How to Prospect for Virtual Work Using Flexjobs

How to Prospect for Virtual Work Using Flexjobs

Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 11

Where can I find quality virtual work I can do from home? How do I effectively use the online job sites to prospect for new clients?

These are common questions for new and seasoned Virtual Professionals. On Episode 11 of the How She Quits Show I’m going to demystify this topic by giving you a live tour of Flexjobs, a job site for freelancers, but more importantly exactly HOW I filter and search to find the exact right opportunities for many different specialties – VA work, Project Managers, writers, finance gurus, marketers and more.

We’ll look at hot jobs available now and I’ll show you how to identify the jobs worth bidding for.

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Show Notes

In this episode:

  • The different types of work you can find on Flexjobs and how to find the best fit for you.
  • How to maximize the search filters
  • Specific job search examples
  • What to review on a job post to know if it’s “the one”
  • When to use Flexjobs vs other search sites
  • Tools you need when applying for any virtual work opportunity

What Criteria to Use When Reviewing Job Posts

  • Is it the business or a 3rd party hiring for the position?
  • What does it say about travel?
  • What other positions do they have open? On Flexjobs or their website.
  • Can you see yourself loving their mission/products?
  • Do they seem new to virtual work or happily exploding in this space?
  • Is it regimented times or can work be done on a flexible schedule?
  • Do the pay expectations match the requirements?

Necessary Tools for Your Virtual Work Prospecting

  1. Website + Portfolio (don’t over-complicate here!) to share with prospects
  2. Contracts, Templates, Prospecting Emails to negotiate and formalize your agreement
  3. Service Packages + Pricing to match your talent and skill level to the exact services and price for the client.

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Taxes, Insurance, Legalities: Basic Steps to Start Your Virtual Professional Business

Taxes, Insurance, Legalities: Basic Steps to Start Your Virtual Professional Business

Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 10: Taxes – Insurance – Legalities

These can seem like big scary topics that end up being mental blocks to moving forward in your Virtual Professional Business.

Listen, there are simple black and white answers to all of this. We’ll push the noise out of your head so you can move forward to more important steps…. like landing that client who’s going to give you the money

Show Notes: Taxes, Insurance, Legalities

This video is for you if: 

  • You are considering starting an online business of any kind and aren’t sure of the legal and tax implications
  • You are a VA or Virtual Professional still operating as a sole proprietor or without contracts or insurance

The Simple Steps You Need to Start Your Online Virtual Professional Business Off Right

6:07 Determine your legal entity (sole proprietor, llc) – You can start today as a sole proprietor without any heavy legal process.

10:50 Register your legal entity officially in your state/county as required

17:27 Have a simple contract in place for clients – A simple contract can cover many freelance / VA client-service work agreements. Don’t let that hold you back from applying.

Track your income and expenses

11:45 Understand your tax laws and file your taxes

18:25 Protect yourself with the right insurance – Some clients may want you to have your own liability insurance. Don’t worry. It’s affordable.

25:45 Your business name does not have to be your website name (and probably shouldn’t be).

Resources Shared:

Note that we can google anything and it will put us in a ballpark of answers. But for complete answers in the legal and tax space, you should consult a local professional in small business. Here are a few examples of resources from around the web:

First Time Freelancer’s Guide to Taxes

Example state sales tax resource (from consulting service, check your local resources)

While you probably want this to be all steps 1-2-3, and much of it is, the most important aspect is setting yourself up right for financial gain and the right level of risk for you. the best book on this topic currently is called “Profit First”.



Here’s a description of the Profit First methodology:

Conventional accounting uses the logical (albeit, flawed) formula: Sales – Expenses = Profit. The problem is, businesses are run by humans, and humans aren’t always logical. Serial entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz has developed a behavioral approach to accounting to flip the formula: Sales – Profit = Expenses. Just as the most effective weight loss strategy is to limit portions by using smaller plates, Michalowicz shows that by taking profit first and apportioning only what remains for expenses, entrepreneurs will transform their businesses from cash-eating monsters to profitable cash cows. Using Michalowicz’s Profit First system, readers will learn that:

  • Following 4 simple principles can simplify accounting and make it easier to manage a profitable business by looking at bank account balances.
  • A small, profitable business can be worth much more than a large business surviving on its top line.
  • Businesses that attain early and sustained profitability have a better shot at achieving long-term growth.

With dozens of case studies, practical, step-by-step advice, and his signature sense of humor, Michalowicz has the game-changing roadmap for any entrepreneur to make money they always dreamed of.

Next Steps:

I hope that wiped away some unknowns that have been holding you back. If you’re fuzzy, go back to the simple steps and knock them out one by one. If you still have questions specific to your online / virtual professional business, the How She Quits Collective is a great place to have them answered. (or if your husband has questions, you can ask them for him there too. We’re getting a lot of “My husband wanted to know…” questions lately!

10 Jobs That Easily Transition Into Work From Home Virtual Assistant

10 Jobs That Easily Transition Into Work From Home Virtual Assistant

10 jobs that can transition to work-from-home virtual assistant jobs

Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 9

You’ve got skills…but how do you best leverage them to start a successful work from home virtual assistant business?

I often hear people that come I across in my business worry over the fact that they don’t have the right skill set to start a Virtual Professional business. In episode 9 we’re going to ditch the doubt and learn the transferable skills professions like teachers, administrative assistants, nurses, bloggers, sales reps and others have that translate into work from home virtual assistant jobs.

Today we’re going to look at 10 jobs and their transferable skills, the opportunities in the market you can use them for and the unique appeal they offer to your potential clients.

Top Professions That Can Become Successful VA's

Here are some highlights from the interview that you really don’t want to miss (just forward to the time stamp noted before the highlight).

2:41 Why you shouldn’t get stuck on the word assistant…more detail on that here

5:55 Teachers – “Teachers have a big opportunity to move into the VA space because they have a great mix of organizational and creative skills”

8:55 Administrative Assistants…more detail on that here

10:33 Customer Service – “Customer Service Professionals have a unique ability to problem solve in a very professional manner.”

14:06 Technical Support

16:53 Nursing – “Nurses can make excellent VA’s because they value process and protocol, and not making mistakes.”

18:45 Accounting/Bookkeeping

20:54 Marketing

22:14 Project Manager – “If you can create a process to make sure big things get done you can be a winner in the VA space.”

23:53 Technical Work, QA or Developer

25:40 Sales – “you don’t just have to work commission”

I also got to answer some questions from the live audience… I seriously love taking you questions, join me live and hit me up!

30:02 My thoughts on Flex Jobs vs. Hire My Mom vs. Upwork…check out a whole show on that here

33:55 What jobs should you bid for if you have little ones at home with you?


bookkeeper jobs transition to work from home work

Guess what? I have a few more opportunities I want to share with those of you ready to take your skills into a virtual work from home business now.  Think action items; tangible steps to move you towards launching your VA business.   My partners are offering some great courses and guides right now.  I only partner with a few other organizations that personally know and can genuinely recommend.

“Word Girls”: Proof Readers and all those who love to perfect the written word, check out this link for the fastest way to take your gift to a virtual business and start this year.

“Number Crunchers”: Bookkeepers and all my number savvy moms out there…you don’t even need an accounting degree to launch a successful bookkeeping business.  My friends at are ready to show you step by step how to launch a virtual bookkeeping business. Just check out this link to learn more about their great guide and course.

“Go-getters”: you realize you have all the skills you need and are ready to find that virtual work now. Head over to and find the work waiting for you!

Check out my 7 Businesses You Can Start Virtually Guide below and let’s stay connected, I can’t wait to hear about your new work-from-home success story!

* I’m an affiliate partner of these recommended programs and will receive compensation. Remember I only affiliate with a select few experts whom I trust and share the same core business values with.

How to Keep Prospecting for VA Work with Minimum Time Use the Week Before Christmas

How to Keep Prospecting for VA Work with Minimum Time Use the Week Before Christmas

You are likely still shopping, haven’t started wrapping and starting to let your business goals for the year fade into the piles of papers on your desk.

Because the thought of starting a new interaction with a potential client “feels big”. But it’s not. They’re having a busy pre-holiday week too and all you need to do is connect.

Take a look at our Virtual Work Opportunities below.

Here’s what I challenge you to do and it only takes about 10 – 15 minutes:
1. Browse the opportunities and find a couple that fit you
2. Reach out and connect with that business
3. Put them on your prospect list and don’t forget to follow up

You’ve just generated new prospects, expanded your network and not missed the opportunity to keep the momentum in your business even during this holiday week. (and likely impressed some business owners who are seeing a slow down in responses to their job offers!)

These virtual work opportunities were hand curated Dec. 17, 2017. Sometimes they go quickly. Sometimes they don’t. They do provide a general idea at any moment in time of the kind of work that’s out there and the kinds of companies hiring Virtual Professionals. Please click through and be the responsive one who does the legwork and gets the gig.

Online Fitness/Nutrition Coach looking for a MailChimp Expert!

HOT! Start Date: 12/18

Do you geek-out over organizing and automating everything? If you love to organize lists and got experience with basic email marketing…better hurry, jump on applying for this virtual work opportunity today!

Assistant for E-Commerce Store

E-Commerce store looking for an assistant with graphic design experience to help with admin tasks, web research, blog and video editing.

Virtual Assistant for Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutrition Coach

HOT! Start Date: 12/21!

Interested in nutrition, health, and fitness? Good eye for website design?
If you have experience with WordPress, creating email funnels or Facebook ads – this opportunity is knocking (on YOUR door)!

ROCKSTAR Social Media / Graphic Designer To Create Quality, Inspiring Content!

Entrepreneur/speaker looking for ROCKSTAR graphic designer to create eye-catching graphics for his Instagram account.

Creative Copywriter

Do you have 5-7 years experience in corporate marketing, or advertising agency role and looking to move into the virtual world?
Check out this freelance work opportunity – get your foot in the (virtual) door and get ready to make your corporate office exit!
Creative copywriter needed to help develop content for B2C and B2B marketing campaigns!

Part-Time Bookkeeper

Part-time, remote Bookkeeper needed!
Do you have at least 5 years experience with bookkeeping, AP and AR?
Apply today!


5 Small Mistakes that Cost You Clients (and How to Fix Them)

5 Small Mistakes that Cost You Clients (and How to Fix Them)

Welcome to The How She Quits Show – Episode 2

As a busy business owner who both hires my own VAs and places them with others, I can tell you that good quality VA’s are tough to come by.   I’m not talking about even the whiz-bangy tech skills or the creative geniuses.   I’m talking about a reliable, accountable, going to do what they say they will do kind of person.   Crazy huh?  $20+ / hour is nothing to sneeze at but perhaps there is a misconception in the VA world as to what a business owner really expects and needs for that $20 / hour.   And it doesn’t take a lot of extra time on your part as a VA.

These 5 things might seem small and minor but when done by a VA, they frustrate the client and begin to make them doubt your abilities in other areas.

When these things are avoided, is when you move into the higher pay scale of professional VA services….even if you don’t yet have a ton of strategic skills or marketing talent. Because reliability and thoroughness are surprisingly difficult skills to find these days.

When you can avoid these small things, you become a reliable, dependable, detail oriented VA who is looking to be a partner in business for the long haul.

DON’T: Show up a little late for meetings.

Better late than never just doesn’t cut it in the life of a business owner.  Even if they are habitually late, you need to be there on time.   A few lost minutes at the beginning of a call can really set back the mood immediately.   And, if they are always late, it demonstrates even more how busy they are and must rely on your accountability and willingness to be there no matter what.  A late, busy business owner almost always has more work they can delegate.

DO:  Show up a few minutes early, with all resources ready for action

When you are having meetings with someone who is always on time, it makes you show up better on time!   And when you are having meetings with someone who is always late, it gives you that extra 5 minutes to grab another coffee thinking “oh, they’re going to be late too.”    So just by showing up early and prepared you are subconsciously adding value to your client’s workflow and day.

Showing up ready to work (let’s assume this is an online meeting using video conference) means this:

  • Your microphone and camera are working
  • All the right files are open and ready for screen share on your computer
  • You have a clear agenda of things to talk about —> Busy business owners often want a VA to guide them through the work.  They’ve delegated it and it’s out of mind for them as they trust you will get it all done.

I just had a meeting with my assistant today and I said “I don’t have a lot for you.” and her answer to me was “Ok, good because I have a lot for you.”  That’s the sign of someone who is staying on top of everything and I’ve successfully removed it from my mind.   She was early and prepared and quickly settled my mind that was bouncing in a million directions.

DON’T: Leave small things undone

The devil is in the details right?   Our team has a process each time we enter a new blog like this one.  It includes quite a few steps but it’s clear and easy to follow.   And when it’s time for me to review a post for publishing and I find one of those things undone, it makes me wonder…..are they paying attention to all the details?   How much more should I quality review?  And if I’m quality reviewing this much should I just do the work myself?

Examples of small things I find left undone:

  • Not using agreed upon naming conventions
  • Not moving a task all the way through to completed in our Asana board
  • Leaving a blog post in their name as the author
  • Forgetting to add the right tags to a post
  • Not updating the subject line when an email is prepped
  • (oh this is a biggie that drives me crazy!) Not putting the final files in an organized way, with the proper name, into the shared team folder where we can all find them

DO:  Be a Finisher through every last detail

As a business owner paying $20+/hour, I don’t want to have to go back and check the small things.  That’s why I’m hiring you and not a $3 / hour overseas VA.

It’s such a good feeling when I go back into a project or file a couple weeks later and find things all buttoned up with a neat little bow.   Files are where we need them and easy to locate.  Everything is spelled correctly.  Instruction trails are left behind.   It’s easy to take that work and reuse it for the next task.

As a business owner, I pay you to be my detail person.  Because quite often, business owners, CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs….they are those visionary types of people doing amazing things….but details don’t come easy to them.   Details aren’t their zone of genius, but it is for a VA.

DON’T: Not follow-up

Everything is done from your end.  Whew!   Check that one off.  It has moved onto to the next person’s plate. Do you:

a. Sigh with relief! You’re free!
b. Fret and worry if it’s going to be done
c. Pass it on with a lot of detail and check back in a day or so to be sure the next person is making progress

I see so many VA’s live their day choosing “a” and live to check things off their Asana or Trello list.   But your client isn’t paying you to check things off the list.  I know those red overdue notifications drive you type A’s crazy but checked off lists don’t bring complete results.

DO: Handoff and then follow up, especially for your busy business owner.

If the next step is for your client to complete, your work isn’t done.   Follow up with them regularly so it doesn’t fall off their radar.  Suggest another way you can expedite that to completion more quickly even.

If it’s someone else’s turn (a graphic designer, web developer, etc) follow up with them.  You don’t have to know all the tech details to follow up on progress and see how things are going.   This saves a ton of back and forth time for the client themselves.

See the difference there? And it barely takes anymore effort to follow up. It demonstrates that you are a forward thinker, see the big picture and adding value your client will recognize and think “I can’t let this one go. She’s G-O-O-D.”

If you need motivation remember this, the client does not see results until every last step is done, not just yours.  Results are what brings them revenue and allows them to keep you on contract.

DON’T: Make typos and grammar mistakes – You ARE a Detail Person!

Do I need to explain further?  I don’t know a single VA who says “I don’t care about the details.”   All VA’s out there are advertising this skill yet I find mistakes even on their own posts, emails and websites. Yikes!   This one is obvious so let’s move on.

DO: Review every word, sentence and paragraph in every blog post, email and social media post you create

A busy business owner is going to BRAIN DUMP raw creative content to you that isn’t polished (maybe unless they are an author themselves right?)  But I meet a ton of business owners who want you to grab the magic inside their brain and make it look pretty.   This is my dream by the way but I just haven’t found a VA who can totally capture my voice.  But they can polish up raw words into well formatted content.  And that means they better find my typos and correct some grammar mistakes along the way.

This one is easy folks.  If you don’t like this aspect maybe you should rethink being a VA?

DON’T: Not speak up when you notice something

So you’re in there poking around on a website and …. you see their credit card is about to expire or … the wrong link is used … or a reader made a comment about an issue.

Or let’s use this example.

If your task was to audit a library of blog posts to be sure they were all categorized properly, and you uncovered an issue with image formats on each post, what should you do?

a.  Assume your client already knows

b.  Update them automatically without asking

c. Make your client aware, get approval to do the work and finish all the details

C is my preferred answer for VA’s I hire so that I’m completely aware of the issue, their experience to fix it and how many additional hours I’ll be billed.

DO:  Add value by finding other things that need correction or updating

When you can save your client time or money in advance, with just a few extra moments, you’re golden.  This is that level I describe as “reading their mind”.   You truly become invaluable when you know your way around their content and assets and have taken pride in ownership with what you do there.

And, when you do this it’s job security.  You are creating your next project (that’s needed and valuable, not just making up work.)

See how that extra 30 seconds of notifying, noting and following up can completely change the results you bring to your clients?  And in turn, bring you higher rates and income.

There’s never been a better time to be a High Quality Professional VA.