10 Jobs That Easily Transition Into Work From Home Virtual Assistant

10 Jobs That Easily Transition Into Work From Home Virtual Assistant

10 jobs that can transition to work-from-home virtual assistant jobs

Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 9

You’ve got skills…but how do you best leverage them to start a successful work from home virtual assistant business?

I often hear people that come I across in my business worry over the fact that they don’t have the right skill set to start a Virtual Professional business. In episode 9 we’re going to ditch the doubt and learn the transferable skills professions like teachers, administrative assistants, nurses, bloggers, sales reps and others have that translate into work from home virtual assistant jobs.

Today we’re going to look at 10 jobs and their transferable skills, the opportunities in the market you can use them for and the unique appeal they offer to your potential clients.

Top Professions That Can Become Successful VA's

Here are some highlights from the interview that you really don’t want to miss (just forward to the time stamp noted before the highlight).

2:41 Why you shouldn’t get stuck on the word assistant…more detail on that here

5:55 Teachers – “Teachers have a big opportunity to move into the VA space because they have a great mix of organizational and creative skills”

8:55 Administrative Assistants…more detail on that here

10:33 Customer Service – “Customer Service Professionals have a unique ability to problem solve in a very professional manner.”

14:06 Technical Support

16:53 Nursing – “Nurses can make excellent VA’s because they value process and protocol, and not making mistakes.”

18:45 Accounting/Bookkeeping

20:54 Marketing

22:14 Project Manager – “If you can create a process to make sure big things get done you can be a winner in the VA space.”

23:53 Technical Work, QA or Developer

25:40 Sales – “you don’t just have to work commission”

I also got to answer some questions from the live audience… I seriously love taking you questions, join me live and hit me up!

30:02 My thoughts on Flex Jobs vs. Hire My Mom vs. Upwork…check out a whole show on that here

33:55 What jobs should you bid for if you have little ones at home with you?


bookkeeper jobs transition to work from home work

Guess what? I have a few more opportunities I want to share with those of you ready to take your skills into a virtual work from home business now.  Think action items; tangible steps to move you towards launching your VA business.   My partners are offering some great courses and guides right now.  I only partner with a few other organizations that personally know and can genuinely recommend.

“Word Girls”: Proof Readers and all those who love to perfect the written word, check out this link for the fastest way to take your gift to a virtual business and start this year.

“Number Crunchers”: Bookkeepers and all my number savvy moms out there…you don’t even need an accounting degree to launch a successful bookkeeping business.  My friends at Bookkeepers.com are ready to show you step by step how to launch a virtual bookkeeping business. Just check out this link to learn more about their great guide and course.

“Go-getters”: you realize you have all the skills you need and are ready to find that virtual work now. Head over to FlexJobs.com and find the work waiting for you!

Check out my 7 Businesses You Can Start Virtually Guide below and let’s stay connected, I can’t wait to hear about your new work-from-home success story!

* I’m an affiliate partner of these recommended programs and will receive compensation. Remember I only affiliate with a select few experts whom I trust and share the same core business values with.

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Why These Hiring Companies Want A Real Girl Like You

Why These Hiring Companies Want A Real Girl Like You

You may not believe this (because the internet does weird things to skew our perception) but I’m a very “real” and “normal” girl. One time my pastor actually called us “regular people”. I was momentarily offended and then realized he was so right!

And do you know who is behind these virtual work opportunities we post each week? More real people. People you will email, and eventually pick up the phone or video conference and talk to with your real voices.

So don’t hesitate as you are reading these and think “these aren’t for a normal girl like me.” Because most all of us are just normal people saying  “Hey! I’ll do that. Here’s my rate.”

You virtually shake and get to work.  Then, a paycheck shows up and you smile bigger 🙂

Here’s to work-from-home dreams from one regular girl to another……. check out our favorite virtual work opportunities this week:


Act FAST! This position will be open for applications through January 31, 2018.
Are you a tech-savvy, NEW VA? Perfect for an Entry-Level VA looking for experience.
A fast-paced digital marketing agency offering a flexible opportunity for the right candidate. An ideal candidate will have proficiency in tools including Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Basecamp, as well as other tools. Comfort with and willingness to adapt quickly to different tech platforms.

Ongoing Adventure & Travel Video Copywriter

Are you experienced with video promotions and marketing campaigns? Do you enjoy adventure and travel?
Looking for a reliable, experienced copywriter to write short scripts that can be used for voice-overs in video campaigns with brands and destinations.

MailChimp VA for Solopreneur

Are you a Mailchimp wiz? Do you enjoy email marketing?
Solopreneur is looking for someone who enjoys writing and designing marketing emails. Seeking support for designing newsletters and blogs with possible social media support.

PT Remote Admin Assistant for Start-Up

Do you have office administrative experience? Are you an online booking tool wiz?
The ideal candidate will be responsive and communicative, with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment to support our Executive Leadership team with scheduling, project support and general administrative duties on an ad-hoc basis.

Long-Term Assistant for Publishing Industry

Looking for a long-term remote position? Are you an Expert Assistant? Do you have experience in the publishing industry?
Publishing business looking for an experienced person to help with a variety of tasks with excellent writing skills.

Copywriting for Virtual Marketing Agency

Do you enjoy variety in different projects?
Virtual Agency is seeking a copywriter for a variety of responsibilities such as managing social media accounts, marketing content online, and hosting webinars.

Ongoing eCommerce Content Writer

Are you a link building wiz? Are you an SEO expert?
Explore different topics pertaining to email and inbound marketing to effectively write and create needed content for articles/blogs, work on building quality blog posts. This could also grow into other writing projects as the need arises.

In case you want to hear from another real-life mom and a regular girl like me who recently quit her day job to become a VA, catch our latest episode of the How She Quits Show here: LoriMercerCTO.com/5.

Fast Class to Virtual Professional

Fast Class to Virtual Professional

Every week we send you a round-up of our favorite virtual work opportunities. It should be:

1) Encouraging that work is out there

2) Helpful because we are all limited on time and

3) Action invoking so that you click through and apply for those opportunities!

But sometimes, we freeze up. Sometimes we think “I’ve tried that and it didn’t work.” Sometimes we doubt ourselves. Or sometimes we do it and learn that it wasn’t our ideal work or wow, we never want to work for that kind of person again! The key is, action brings knowledge and results.

If you are still needing a nudge, some virtual courage or that next set of secrets and insights from those who have been here, check out our new FAST CLASSES. We created these with you in mind – busy life, need to get to the facts fast, at a price that is a no-brainer.

Join our Newest Fast Classes here:
  1. Rapid Skill Development for High Dollar VA Work
  2. High Dollar Virtual Work Finder


Now, check out this week’s favorite Virtual Work Opportunities:

PT VA for Small IT Firm

Small tech company is looking for a tech-savvy virtual assistant for 10-15 hours a week with an increase over time in responsibilities. The ideal candidate will have basic bookkeeping skills, project management, task management skills.

Foodie VA for Blogger Team

Are you a foodie? Are you a social media marketing wiz? Popular food blog that is growing rapidly. I’m looking for someone who is experienced with Tailwind scheduling, scheduling in Facebook, Pinterest marketing, Facebook ADS, Photoshop/Lightroom, WordPress and Instagram. This role is paid with 15-20 hours weekly and growing.

Ongoing Real Estate Blogger

Attention Mom Bloggers! Do you have real estate background? Industry leading online rental property management software is looking for a team of moms to write quality blog content to publish on a daily basis.

High Dollar Online Project Manager

Pay Range $25-40. Are you an MS Office Guru? Are you a wiz with Asana or Trello? The ideal candidate will have the ability to manage multiple projects with strong computer skills and knowledge of all aspects of online marketing such as email marketing, marketing campaign automation, project plan creation & project management.

Copywriter for Social Stories & Lives

START DATE ASAP! Are you a visual story-teller? Do you have an endless supply of creativity? A top-of-their-class organization has a growing need to bring on a Copywriter for their social channels. Projects may include drafting an Instagram story, creating a brand voice on Twitter or writing Pinterest descriptions as well as drafting storyboards for Facebook Live!

Click. Get a job. *Sometimes* it’s that easy.

Sometimes, you’re missing a couple insights and need a FAST CLASS to show you how.

Virtual Work Opportunities January 15, 2018

Virtual Work Opportunities January 15, 2018

Welcome to our favorite Virtual Work Opportunities for the week of January 15, 2018 we’ve collected to simplify your life.

{If you’re finding this at a later date….learn from it.  What types of companies hire virtually?  What types of jobs are being posted?}

And we don’t want you to miss our latest episode of the How She Quits Show where we dissect the highest paying HOT VA skills of 2018. Watch it here.

Don’t miss our “fast classes”.  The low price – high value do at your pace training for Virtual Professionals. 

Head over to VirtualWorkFinder.com to fast track with these 2 Fast Classes:

1. Rapid Skill Development for High Dollar VA Work

2. High Dollar Virtual Work Finder

{Pssst….what’s a fast class? It’s a 90-minute training video recorded for you to watch at your convenience, including our favorite templates, tools and links. A bite-sized, high-value portion of training to fast-track your Virtual Professional work.)

Now, here’s our favorite Virtual Work Opportunities for this week:
WordPress Wizard

Are you a WordPress wiz who has graphic design skills?
Chicago Craft + DIY mompreneur is seeking a website and graphic design guru who is looking for a long-term role.

Part-Time Dynamic Virtual Assistant

Are you looking for immediate steady work? Do you have experience as an Account Manager or Executive Assistant?  Digital Marketing agency is seeking a highly organized, excited Virtual Assistant to play a critical role in assisting with many facets of the growing business.

Freelance Proofreader

Are you insightful at creating copy? Do you have a proven track record of editing, drafting engaging copy? Are you a web trends and tech guru?
Spotzer, a growing digital marketing business is seeking a candidate with a strong understanding of SEO & SEM principles, excellent editing and proofreading skills and understands web trends & technologies.

Virtual Assistant for Health Tech Start-Up

Seeking Virtual Assistant Sidekick for Health Tech Start-up.
Are you passionate about improving healthcare? Are you looking a variety of tasks with the possibility of growth in a long-term role?
A growing health tech start-up is seeking an energetic virtual assistant to assist with a variety of administrative tasks,

Long-Term Executive Assistant and Head of Projects

Are you seeking a long-term role? Do you have experience supporting busy, quality-focused executives?
A progressive, web marketing + design studio is seeking an exceptional Executive Assistant and Head of Projects.

e-Commerce Assistant

LOOKING TO FILL IMMEDIATELY. Are you an Amazon Page wiz with Marketing experience? Do you enjoy SEO research? The ideal candidate will possess an e-Commerce background and be skilled in editing, SEO research and all things e-Commerce!

Remember, wherever you are is exactly where you need to be for this moment. Want to be someplace different next week?

Take some new actions. Like trying out our Fast Classes at VirtualWorkFinder.com

New Year, New Virtual Work Opportunities

New Year, New Virtual Work Opportunities

We’re BACK!

The fuzzy headed holiday brain is behind us. Most of us have been awakened by a cold snap like we’ve never seen and (hopefully) the kids are back to school now so you can focus on growing your business.

And business owners are back in the saddle too with clarity and on a mission to hit their goals immediately in January. Often that means team expansion.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite virtual work opportunities this week:

Project Mgt VA for Construction Company

Do you have project management experience with a small business? Construction company seeks admin person to manage workflow of construction projects. Experience with cloud-based records such as Dropbox, Quickbooks, and CRM required. Minimum of 10 hours a week to start with growth potential.

Ads Manager – High Dollar VA

Do you have experience with ad campaigns? Are you an expert in digital marketing?
Sales funnel and a client-focused company is seeking an Ad Manager expert to collaborate on copywriting for ads and optimizing campaigns based on budget, goals and conversion results.

Great for New VA’s – Work with High-Level Executives

Applications accepted through January 12th.
Are you a NEW VA with a service-oriented A-type personality?
Personal assistant/concierge service company for busy executives is seeking a new VA who is comfortable working who has experience supporting high-level executives.

Seeking SEO Specialist with Long-Term Potential

Do you have experience with SEO? Is SEO writing your jam? Are you looking for long-term potential? Look no more! Position includes managing 3-4 writers, editing articles for SEO and creating outlines for writers.

Customer Care Phone Support VA

Do you have experience working in the credit, financial or real estate industry? Do you enjoy speaking with clients and answering questions over the phone? The ideal candidate must be comfortable speaking on the phone and answering questions, pleasant and friendly tone with the ability to multi-task.

East Coast Techy + Social Media VA

East Coast VA”s WANTED! Are you a flexible techy and social media savvy person who is a self-starter? The ideal candidate will have a positive attitude and eager to learn new and ever-changing concepts.