Part 3: 3 Ways to the Fastest Path to Income Virtually From Home

Part 3: 3 Ways to the Fastest Path to Income Virtually From Home

Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 17

Today is Part 2 of a 3 part series on the How She Quits show…… we’re going to go rapidly through the most important advice for any mom running an online business today.

Part 1 Covered 3 ways to grow your 1-on-1 services business immediately. Watch Here
Part 2 Discusses moving to packaged services and 1-to-Many offerings (such as online courses or memberships). Watch Here

Now that you’ve learned what’s involved in starting your own online course or membership program it’s time to talk about scaling it up.

This episode will show you what it takes to grow the revenue and profitability of your 1-to-Many program. If you are a Virtual Professional, this is also good information to have for your clients.

Show Notes

In this episode: 

  • Why Online Courses and Memberships are an entirely different business than 1-on-1 services.
  • My Automated Online Business Framework I use with my personal 1-on-1 clients
  • The money map for Online Businesses
  • What you aren’t being told about selling Online Courses.
  • Top Tips for your Opt-In, Traffic Drivers, Ongoing Nurturing and Sales Offer

The Key Components

In Lesson 2 of this series I shared “all you need” to sell an online program. Let’s review:

  1. Program name and logo
  2. Sales Page and a way to collect payments online
  3. Email list to market to
  4. Social Channel to market to
  5. Website/Tool to deliver the program itself (ex. membership area)

Those are the tangible things you need in place, but what’s really going to drive your sales is People. The right people. Looking at your sales page and wanting to buy your product.

You’ve created a great online product that people should want to buy! But the science, math and strategy to get them to do that is not as simple as it sounds.

The Money Map

Online courses range from a $17 video series on bible journaling to a $3000 training on how to build your coaching business. And the marketing tactics to build each are a bit different.

You need to know your numbers when you’re building your business.
Remember: Higher Conversions + Lower Cost per Lead = Winning!

What you aren’t being told about selling Online Courses

  • Many dollars are poured into testing the right offers in advance of a launch
    (Then the ad dollars are poured in, or the JV partnerships are forged, to increase traffic volume)
  • Launching / Promotions are a high dollar skillset. Don’t expect to understand this immediately.

Dialing in the perfect SEO, perfect ad, perfect offer is the key to success of the big launches that inspire you
Even those with large audiences sometimes fail here

Top Tips

Your Sales Offer
It is pragmatic to look at this first. Begin with the end in mind, as they say.
Determine, what are you going to sell and to whom.

Traffic Drivers
Go where the right audience is.
Pick 1 main channel plus a second if you can handle the time.
Paying for traffic brings faster results.
Partnering / Guesting can be the difference maker.

What is your free offer?
Listen to the words of your audience, then use these exact words in your marketing.
Give them a quick win that leaves them wanting the full solution.
Test, test, test!
Decide if you want evergreen or a launch mode.
Leads can come from many different needs to the same offer.

Ongoing Nurturing
Email marketing is harder, but not dead. Email is noisy right now, but there are other ways to nurture your audience.
Continue to give in the email sequence to show value.
Regularly clear and freshen your email list.
Know what your audience’s email habits / tolerance is.
Also use FB retargeting to get back in front of them.

Now you Test!
Is the freebie appealing? Is the offer what they want? How do we know?
Referencing back to the Automated Online Business Framework will help you to understand where along the process adjustments need to be made.


Scaling and Growing an Online Course / Membership is an art of its own that takes time to learn and refine.

(I can sound like a dream crusher when sharing how to do this, but,  I prefer to set you up for realistic expectations instead of selling my own course to make it look unrealistically simple and give you heartbreak.)

If you believe in your course,
have the perseverence for the journey,
And can wait for profitability…..
Follow your calling and build that course!

If you want my help, I encourage you to join the How She Quits Collective. This is a community of women who are growing their 1-on-1 services business or building an online course or membership and is the place where I offer support through weekly office hours and group calls to answer the wide range of questions that come up as you’re growing your online business.

3 Ways to the Fastest Path To Income Virtually From Home

3 Ways to the Fastest Path To Income Virtually From Home

Welcome to the How She Quits Show – Episode 14

On the next 3 episodes of the How She Quits show… we’re going to go rapidly through the most important advice for any mom running an online business today.

For VAs, Freelancers, Bloggers, Coaches, Consultants… I’m cutting right to the key facts to make you more profitable… because like me, you don’t have the luxury of extra time. Your family needs you NOW.

Over these episodes I’ll cover:

  • What is the FASTEST path to income from home and 3 keys to making that happen
  • What is the ESSENTIAL thing to spend the most time on when selling an online course or membership
  • Why people aren’t opening your emails
  • 3 Essentials to closing your one-on-one offers
  • How you should be spending time on Facebook

Following even one of these gems of advice will elevate your business immediately today. (I’m confident of this. Message me if it doesn’t and we’ll find a gem for you.

You want to work from home.
You want consistent, reliable income from your online business.
You need flexibility in your schedule for your family.
You don’t want to be tied to meetings and phone calls.

This is all possible in today’s online marketplace.

Maybe you already have a great online business but you’re struggling with consistency, overwhelm or growth.

In part 1 of this 3 part series, I’m going to share some of my best advice for mom’s providing 1-on-1 services (or those wanting to!)

Online businesses progress through many phases.  And each requires a new strategy and tactics.  Over the next 3 Episodes, I’m going to share my best advice in these 3 phases of online business:

  1. All one-on-one services (the fastest path to cash)
  2. Moving from one-on-one to one-to-many services (introducing packages, group programs, online courses / memberships)
  3. Scaling your online business (growing revenue and profitability in your membership or online course)

The fastest path to income is one-on-one services.
VA work.  Professional freelancers (writers, designers, techies).  Or even coaching others.

Contracts aren’t scary!  They are your friends.

My Best Advice about Contracts:

  • Always have one for one-on-one work (it can be a simple Scope of Work – training in the Collective)
  • Keep it simple.  Your initial contract can be a 30 day trial period so you can readjust based on experience.
  • Set and review contracts every 3 months due to this fast changing environment

Increasing Rates is the fastest way to increase income and can happen every 3-6 months in this fast moving world.

I’m getting calls but I’m not getting business!

3 Essentials to closing your one-on-one offers

  • Give a deadline and clear next step “I’m booking up June.  Can you confirm with me by next Tuesday if You’d like me to reserve a space for you?”
  • Be clear about your offer and your rates.  If you can’t on the phone, follow up immediately in writing within 1 day.
  • Be professional AND personable.  Making a relational connection can be the deal winner in a market with a lot of choices.

My Best Advice About Rate Increases:

  • Quote all new work at the new rate
  • Set expectations for current clients when ready to shift rates
  • Wait until you have enough new clients at the new rate then offer existing clients to continue at the new rate or be ready to drop them.

On the next episode, we will take our one-on-one business to the next level —> moving to packaged pricing and 1-to-many programs such as online courses and memberships.

Watch Here

Planner Secrets- How to Maximize Your Time to Work Your Freelance Business

Planner Secrets- How to Maximize Your Time to Work Your Freelance Business


Welcome to The How She Quits Show – Episode 1


This first episodes topic is:  PLANNING SECRETS – It’s not about the pretty planner.

The important planning topics I’ll talk about:

– Are annual and 5 year plans worth it?
– Should I use the same planning method for family and business?
– Why 90 days is the ideal planning time period
– A look at a sample plan to quit your job / grow your business in 90 days