Have you researched work from home options and come up unimpressed or confused?

Let me simplify: It’s not MLM or direct sales. You can use skills you already have. I’m going to show you how to build your mom-life-friendly professional work from home business this summer!

What you are missing is this:

  1. Where are these jobs?
  2. What are my marketable skills and how do I present them?
  3. What about all those “scary business steps”? (Hint: There aren’t any. This is really simple.)

The start of summer is a classic time for the work-from-home dream to beat incessantly in our head.
School ends and the nice weather begins and we want more fun in the sun. More family time. No more stuffy air conditioned office.

Or perhaps we’ve been a SAHM and want that extra cash for a nice vacation, or to just get back into the workforce a bit and use that part of your brain that’s been momentarily interrupted with motherhood.

This show is a Memorial Day Special. Inspired because the first day of summer was the hardest day of the year when I was working in corporate. Let’s boost your end of the 3 day weekend spirit with a plan and a path to move into work-from-home life.

Show Notes:

In this Episode:

  • The fastest path to work from home
  • Defining virtual work
  • How to set real life goals for your business
  • Next steps to get you started working from home this summer

All the Ways to Work From Home

Have you tried any of these? Starting a blog, Direct Sales/MLM, opening an online store, freelance, consulting…the list goes on and on. Different paths will yield different results and there is one road to work from home that is faster, simpler and more profitable than the others.

Here it is in a nutshell:

You say, “I do______, for $_____”. And someone else says ” OK, do you prefer check or Paypal?”

This type of work goes by different names, Freelance, Consulting, Client Services Work or Virtual Assistant/VA. That’s because this is an evolving market that lacks some definition, but that also means there’s a ton of opportunity and potential!

Let’s Define Virtual Work

  • Selling your services to small and medium (and sometimes large) sized businesses
  • Solo or with a small team
  • Working from home
  • Being paid hourly or by the package
  • Receiving a “1099” or simply invoicing as a small business
  • Using professional skills – Graphic Design, Video Editing, Copy Writing, VA, etc.

Freelance work is the most flexible for working moms. It is capable of yielding high income potentials especially as you hone your craft to command top pay. You also have the ability to pick and choose the projects you want based on a variety of factors such as time commitment, areas of strength and even client personality.

There is a ton of work out there, and if you’re able to prove yourself as a candidate who shows up and works professionally, you can easily become solidly booked as this can be a trait that goes undeveloped by some in the industry.

Math Is Not Emotional

You should make your business plan with targets based on math. Then determine what that looks like in your families life.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. How many clients do you think you can handle per month?
  2. What would you like your hourly rate to be?
  3. How many hours do you want to work each month?

Run these numbers based on conservative and stretch goals. Now you know “what” you want to accomplish, next plan the “how” with these goals in mind.

You’re All In! But…

  • Where are these jobs?
  • What are my marketable skills and how do I present them?
  • What about all those scary business steps? Hint: there aren’t any, this is really simple.

The first thing you should do is head to VirtualWorkFinder.com. This is where you can get our weekly emails with hot job opportunities our team is finds available each week.

Still trying to figure out what is the right path for YOUR work-from-home success? Take this short Quiz to access your skills and situation for suggestions to legit, professional, sustainable work that fits you.

Key Take-Aways

  • Start with one-on-one client-services work that relates to your past experiences – There’s so much work out there!  VirtualWorkFinder.com
  • Study the market to find the hottest skills that match your gifts – Check out this blog post on “Hottest Skills you need to increase your rates
  • Get a mentor- Can I be your super affordable, personal mentor?
    • Simply show up. If you are watching this and aligning with the message then YOU ALREADY GET IT.
    • Sadly, many online freelancers do poor quality work and are unresponsive. There is room to PROFESSIONALIZE THIS INDUSTRY!

Ready to Work From Home?

I hope this episode has you fired up. The opportunities are out there for you to work from home and you likely have questions as to the specifics of your personal situation or logistics to get you started. You need to keep this momentum in order to make meaningful steps toward your goals. Here are some next options to keep you going.

Virtual Work Mentoring

This course will teach you, at your own pace, everything you need to know to find your perfect clients, price, package and pitch your professional services.