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I was laying in bed last night past midnight.  Not asleep.  This is so rare for me.  I’m a hard sleeper.  But, I treated myself to a Sunday afternoon nap and therefore…. the mind was still raring to go.

Here’s the dark side of freelance work that isn’t talked about enough.

Recently I’ve spent good time with prospects on strategy / get to know you calls only to not get the contract.  They seemed all in and even gave me the start date but then, crickets.

I’ve also had clients really draaaaaaaaagggg out work, getting contracts started, etc.  So contracts I thought would end in May, are still open in June.  (and I was nice about it and let them….because, well, that’s good business sometimes.)  That means….May revenue wasn’t what I expected it to be.

Frustrating right?  But that’s the reality of freelance work and it happens to all of us (but isn’t a reason to NOT do it ok?  Your day job could drop you in a hot second with no severance pay as well.)

So at midnight I jumped onto Upwork to reply to a couple messages from prospects who sought me out and asked me to interview for their projects (nice, huh?  the right stuff in your profile and that happens!)

Just a few minutes browsing on Upwork and FlexJobs and my fears were gone.

In fact, I had to force myself to sleep and wait until morning to get up and reach out to those prospects.  The work is out there.   Are you finding flaky clients and prospects in one niche?  Try another.

Secret Insider Tip:

I’ll go on a limb and say most people running those really fun looking online businesses are really struggling to be profitable themselves and can’t get organized enough to even task a team.  I know this because often I’m in that uber-busy place where I want to give my VAs more work but literally can’t find the time in the day to prep it.  So if your vision is working with all these cool mompreneur biz chix boss mom types, perhaps expanding a bit and finding more stable work will let your business establish better first?  Shared with love.  From one overwhelmed freelancer to another.

Check out our favorite opportunities this week.  Where we try to avoid slow, flaky prospects and point you to the best opportunities out there.

This week we found lots of stuff for experienced virtual pro’s at good rates!

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Week of June 11th

{These virtual work opportunities are pulled from various sources around the web each week.  Some are free listings and some require a membership to sites such as FlexJobs or HireMyMomIf you want the best clients, long term business and the highest rates, we suggest using these sites over free Facebook groups.  To learn how to refine your search for the highest dollar virtual work opportunities, try our fast class.}

Part-Time Personal/VA

Have experience? This E-commerce + Local Design Remodel Biz is seeking a digitally savvy personal assistant/VA with experience in social media and email marketing. (Do you understand growth hacking? – BONUS!)

Copywriter Project with Details Ready for You

Ready-made project for a copywriter: Entrepreneur with multiple online products in real estate is seeking a copywriter to provide the copy for email campaigns. Scripts from webinars and sales copy can be used top in into an email sequence.

Favorite Online Expert Needs Your Video Editing Talents

Hot! Hot! Hot! One of the top talents in online marketing needs your fancy video editing skills. Rachel Miller over at Moolah Marketing has this position posted on HireMyMom. Experience in Adobe Premier, Audition and Filmora is preferred.

Part-Time Client Care + Team Support VA

This is the kind of detailed job description that shows you the kind of professional you’re going to work with – but in that exciting online marketing space! Only 5 – 7 hours/week to start but the right person will surely grow here. Client care and website and funnel and email updates (with all the alphabet soup of online marketing tools thrown in). I was also impressed with the realistic initial salary request.

Part-Time, Remote Digital Copywriter

Want stable copywriting work? This Digital Marketing Agency is seeking a part-time, remote digital copywriter. Responsibilities include writing, editing blogs, social media updates for clients in various industries, write monthly social calendars, email newsletters and promo content.