{Virtual Work Opportunities for the week of June 5th….scroll down…. but we’d love for you to read our advice on how to land these great opportunities first!}

It’s full on summertime for me this week!  Graduation festivities and college orientation are behind us.  One child is off to the first week of summer camp.  Others are occupied with work and activities.  I’ve got a “normal” summer week ahead of me and I’m starting to feel adapted to the work-from-home-summer-life…. which is quite interruptive and different from the work-from-home-while-at-school-life.

Ways I Adapt to the Work-From-Home Summer Schedule:

(with kids ages 18, 15, 13 and 11)

  • I work earlier for uninterrupted time.  Like 6 am – 9 am for example
  • We review the schedule each week so they know when I have client meetings / video recordings
  • Everyone has their own goals to work towards.  So the day isn’t all structured like school but they have a menu of things to pick from in a self-directed way.  Do something active.  Do something helpful.  Learn something, etc.
  • I change up my schedule with clients – which they generally love too – so we can still accomplish our goals but on a more summer-friendly schedule.  Changing things up like this freshens our outlook which is a bonus as well.
  • I add a fun “summertime thinking” project to my work.  Usually a writing or creation project of some sort I can chew on while sitting at the pool, on road trips or on vacation.

Now here are some fun facts about the the virtual work opportunities we love this week:

It’s a small {internet} world after all:  One of these gems of a position I found on Hire My Mom is from someone I crossed paths with in the internet world at a conference 6 years ago.  And they are doing so well with their online business.   Get out and get to conferences occasionally.  It’s a smaller world in the online business space than you may realize.

Feel Good work is out there:  Autism and Red Cross?  So many tell me they want to work for a non-profit.  Organizations like this are beginning to see the value and benefits of working with remote talent.  If this is what you want, go looking specifically for the companies you want to work for, then research their work-from-home potentials.

One, steady, PT or FT client is a good option for some:  Don’t want to build a whole portfolio of freelance clients?  You don’t have to!  For some people, in some seasons, one solid client is sufficient, enjoyable and effective.  It’s not a competition.  You are designing the right freelance business for you.

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Let’s Start Summer With These VWO’s

{These virtual work opportunities are pulled from various sources around the web each week.  Some are free listings and some require a membership to sites such as FlexJobs or HireMyMomIf you want the best clients, long term business and the highest rates, we suggest using these sites over free Facebook groups.  To learn how to refine your search for the highest dollar virtual work opportunities, try our fast class.}

Copywriter for Autism Products Company

Feel good business….low on details on the job description but job posting indicates an awareness of the caliber of talent needed. They want a “Copywriter needed to identify a brand voice for a company geared for children with Autism. Needing to translate the brand voice into web copy & writing on the packaging.”

PT Customer Service For Digestive Wellness Company

The online world is actually quite small. When we came across this job posting, I was like “hey! I know these guys from back in 2012 when they were just getting started! Crazy!” They are good guys with a great, important mission. And, I can tell they’ve been around the block in the Virtual Professional space as well when their job posting says “Is extremely dependable… not the “This usually doesn’t happen, but it happened again” type.” Right? You guys I PREACH without apology to be a professional. To show up. You have the flexibility of work from home but that doesn’t mean constant interruptions are accepted. You need to stay professional and focused on the work.
So these guys are seeking a Customer Support VA, and I’m not surprised due to the success and professionalism with which they run their business.

Virtual Executive Assistant

Leading private Virtual Assistant firm is looking for an executive assistant who specializes in supporting senior level management clients. Ideal candidate will be “tech savvy” (examples given are Asana, Google Docs, CRM’s, Evernote – so they aren’t asking you to program but just know your way around a computer or be willing to learn) They ask: “Are you a life-long learner who thrives on educating yourself on new tools?” I love this question. It shows they are wise and open to training up the right candidate. Great position for someone breaking out of their day job!

PT Social Media Strategies & Brand Storyteller

Social Media done right. With professionalism and high amounts of creativity. I like this opportunity for a couple of reasons. First, you are working for an agency…which can be a pro or a con depending on your business goals. But if you don’t like the prospecting and selling part, this is done for you. Secondly, I can tell this agency has a well thought out job description and pays for experience (they aren’t just trying to get away cheap. Because you can’t in this creative space.)

Brand Market Expert for the American Red Cross

Here it is! Feel GOOD about the work you do. American Red Cross is seeking a brand-marketing expert to support the Talent Acquisition Team in focusing on employment branding. Social media campaigns and platform experience strongly preferred. This is a professional remote position with long term stability. Go for it!