I know you working mama.  You’re BUSY.

You just brain dumped 347 hours of work onto a piece of paper, color coded and prioritized and time blocked and answered 2 questions for your kids while doing it.

Stressed?  Yes.  But you’ve been there before.

Productive?  Hell yeah.  You’re getting ready to kick some task list tail!  (Because you’ve bought the lie and the reward that you actually get more done when you are busy and pressed with deadlines.   Trust me….. it’s a lie.  It appears to be faster and better but it’s a facade.)

Our answer when life gets extra busy is to push harder.  Work harder.  You’re the queen, sister.  You’ve mastered the art of clearing off your full plate in between intentional deep breaths and downward facing dogs.

To get $hit done (GSD…. actual favorite acronym of myself and my working supermom assistant), we literally shut down, shut out and isolate.

Don’t bother me right now.  I have IMPORTANT WORK TO DO.

Have you ever asked this question?   Is there an easier, better way that doesn’t bring us to the brink of insanity?

Often our instinctive answer when we get extra buried is to lock in, isolate and work harder.

We put our heads down, don’t reply to texts, cancel social engagements and pick up our laptops again after the kids are in bed.

Sometimes, this feels good like we are really crushing that to do list.

But often, when I come up for air and look back on that hard and intense work zone, I realize I was over-working that so much.

Do you believe you can work less and accomplish the same amount?

I’m convinced that because we are….. driven perfectionists, people pleasers, harder on ourselves than anyone else will ever be, trying to prove we can DO THIS….. most of us working moms are over-working.

Sometimes, I figure this out while I’m in the midst of the struggle.   Sometimes, I crash and burn (and cry ugly) before I remember.

The one sure-fire way to pull me back on track is an unexpected conversation with someone while I’m in the midst of one of those rallies to show me….. oh, hey girl, you’re on the wrong track. There’s a better way.

(Usually this is in the form of a planned phone call I was grumbling that I didn’t really have time for…… yet when it’s over…. is exactly what I needed.)

Oh hey….. you there over there isolating and digging a ditch in the completely wrong direction with the completely wrong tool……. yeah you.  Look up at people and leverage some of that brain share.

Truly, in my most exhausted, weary, will this ever get done moments, a quick chat with a girl who gets it changes EVERYTHING.

My mood improves. I believe in myself. I am going to make it. I’m not alone. This is a GOOD thing.

But why is it that we get into those work-cramming modes and ISOLATE?

The first thing to fall off our list is connection time and break time for ourselves.

We believe lies like this…..

  • I can do it faster if I do it myself.
  • I just need to push through this section and I’ll be good.
  • One long night won’t kill me.  
  • (insert name) expects (insert insane imaginary level of expectation) from me on this project
  • If people just won’t interrupt me, I’ll get this done.

Let’s end that pattern this week my friend.  Phone-a-girlfriend.

Just think for a second……who is that person who….

  • Always brings a refreshing perspective
  • Is gentle and nurturing with their words
  • Can speak truth from a kind, open heart
  • Who makes you laugh and smile and reminds you that you are being too serious
  • Who’s been down this path before and has just the wisdom you need

I bet someone came to mind as you read that list.  Call or text them right now for that game-changing perspective.


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