You may not believe this (because the internet does weird things to skew our perception) but I’m a very “real” and “normal” girl. One time my pastor actually called us “regular people”. I was momentarily offended and then realized he was so right!

And do you know who is behind these virtual work opportunities we post each week? More real people. People you will email, and eventually pick up the phone or video conference and talk to with your real voices.

So don’t hesitate as you are reading these and think “these aren’t for a normal girl like me.” Because most all of us are just normal people saying  “Hey! I’ll do that. Here’s my rate.”

You virtually shake and get to work.  Then, a paycheck shows up and you smile bigger 🙂

Here’s to work-from-home dreams from one regular girl to another……. check out our favorite virtual work opportunities this week:


Act FAST! This position will be open for applications through January 31, 2018.
Are you a tech-savvy, NEW VA? Perfect for an Entry-Level VA looking for experience.
A fast-paced digital marketing agency offering a flexible opportunity for the right candidate. An ideal candidate will have proficiency in tools including Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Basecamp, as well as other tools. Comfort with and willingness to adapt quickly to different tech platforms.

Ongoing Adventure & Travel Video Copywriter

Are you experienced with video promotions and marketing campaigns? Do you enjoy adventure and travel?
Looking for a reliable, experienced copywriter to write short scripts that can be used for voice-overs in video campaigns with brands and destinations.

MailChimp VA for Solopreneur

Are you a Mailchimp wiz? Do you enjoy email marketing?
Solopreneur is looking for someone who enjoys writing and designing marketing emails. Seeking support for designing newsletters and blogs with possible social media support.

PT Remote Admin Assistant for Start-Up

Do you have office administrative experience? Are you an online booking tool wiz?
The ideal candidate will be responsive and communicative, with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment to support our Executive Leadership team with scheduling, project support and general administrative duties on an ad-hoc basis.

Long-Term Assistant for Publishing Industry

Looking for a long-term remote position? Are you an Expert Assistant? Do you have experience in the publishing industry?
Publishing business looking for an experienced person to help with a variety of tasks with excellent writing skills.

Copywriting for Virtual Marketing Agency

Do you enjoy variety in different projects?
Virtual Agency is seeking a copywriter for a variety of responsibilities such as managing social media accounts, marketing content online, and hosting webinars.

Ongoing eCommerce Content Writer

Are you a link building wiz? Are you an SEO expert?
Explore different topics pertaining to email and inbound marketing to effectively write and create needed content for articles/blogs, work on building quality blog posts. This could also grow into other writing projects as the need arises.

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