What if you started the new year knowing you were weeks away from turning in your 2 week notice?

Or having the biggest revenue month ever in your online business?

Working moms like you are looking forward to being released from the chains of your day job for 5 or even 10 cubicle free days over the holidays.

And those of you already in the online business world are being bombarded with end of year planning wondering if this is going to be your year.

Enjoy some holiday cheer with your family. And then use that mental freedom to get serious about your business.

(The one that you can do from home every single day of the new year.)

After 20+ years in corporate, I used to LIVE FOR holiday breaks.

I had lists and lists of things I wanted to get done while the boss and team were away and the PRESSURE WAS OFF.

It was during some key holiday break seasons that my businesses made the biggest breakthroughs.

Now I run my own Virtual Professional agency and train other women like you who want to escape the corporate rat race and use your talents in a more meaningful way that includes flexibility for your family.

There’s a very scientific reason this season puts our brains in the right place for a business breakthrough during the busiest time of the year.

You are out of your normal routine.   This triggers old memories (good and bad) and opens new neuropathways that aren’t often explored.   It’s also a time of very reflective, introspective thinking.   Did I do what I wanted this year?   Wow the years go by so quickly!  I can’t let another year go by and be stuck in this office again.

It can be difficult to address some of those emotions.  I get it.  Disappointment can take over.   Or, determination can take over.   And you commit to not waiting until January 1st to start fresh.   Start right now.

The break from the pressure of the day job, or school or whatever is in your normal routine, frees up space in your thoughts.  And some amazing new ideas are born.

Now, most people fill that space with more gingerbread, more shopping, more parties and more of the mess, clean up and effort that goes with that.

I’m not saying to skip the holiday fun.  I’m saying to tame it.  Don’t let it rule you. (it’s about presence not presents, right?)  Choose to use this special season and channel that effort into making a final exit plan from the day job.

This year my gift to you is a free Holiday Breakthrough Guide.   It’s a workbook and a video workshop you can do at your pace that will walk through business strategy planning in a way you’ve never seen.   It’s not all dreamy and unrealistic.  It gets down to the right products, services, pricing and approach to grow your meaningful business in 2018.

What if this holiday season you took that extra brain space and a couple hours alone and found your business breakthrough?

You could end this holiday break much differently.  Not with the holiday blues and, even though looking forward to routine again, not looking forward to that same old cubicle.  Same old commute.  Same feeling of weariness, missing your family and just knowing you were made for something more.

What if instead of being excited about 2 weeks off this holiday, you went with a plan to free yourself from the corporate chains forever?

The holidays are a time of magic. For children. For families. For anyone with a dream. I believe that. If you have a side business that you are working on it is time to make a huge shift in your business.

Download the Holiday Breakthrough Guide here.