Need help with your online marketing? Not even quite sure what you need?

WordPress websites?  An Online Course or Membership?  Funnels?

Hiring and Tasking VAs? Graphic Design?

Driving more traffic? Facebook Ads?

Even building an APP?

You’re in the right place.

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, you can’t afford to hire a full time staff with all of these talents.

But you can hire a part time strategic advisor with access to a team of experts that gives you the right balance of high quality talent, affordability and efficiency.

There are 3 ways to work with me and my team:

Are you looking for administrative support?

The right VA at $25 – $40 / hour can give you a whole new level of speed with your business.

The wrong VA (and there are a lot out there!) could train wreck everything.

My 20+ years of experience hiring (and firing!) and building teams with the right talent, time and personalities helps you in this world of remote, virtual workers.   These services will help you:

  • Best define the role (or roles) for win-win success for you and your new team member
  • Fast track your search and interview process
  • Give you the tools, skills and knowledge to onboard your next team member

We prefer to call them “Virtual Professionals” because they can be way more than just an assistant!  (and you get what you ask for *wink wink*)

Sometimes you need to hire the right expert to help you through that next project.  Here are some one-time projects we can deliver:

WordPress Websites

  • New website design and hosting (starting at $997 for a complete site including 6 months of hosting)
  • Website theme update and site refresh (we are big fans of Divi here and can give you professional effects at small business rates)

Online Courses + Membership Sites

  • End to end launch strategy and implementation
  • Course design and material creation
  • Course / membership website, sales page and content delivery build with your email automation system (we are big fans of Ontraport + Access Ally here)

Graphic Design

Where else can you find a creative who also knows the ins and outs of all the technologies, formats and platforms?  Don’t underestimate the creative genius in our team who have designed multiple print books, journals, coloring books, t-shirts / merch and everything online.

  • Book covers
  • Logos
  • Complete print or digital product layout
  • Website design

Shopify Online Stores

Launching or renovating your Shopify store?  This is hands down the best platform for your physical product sales and sometimes for your digital products as well.  We can take your Shopify project end to end from starting to opening to optimizing.


Many of my clients start with a single project and quickly become an on-going client for strategy and implementation.  This is like having your own VP of Marketing, Chief Technology Officer and HR Staffing Director plus the appropriate staff with one point of contact.

In this work relationship, I help with strategy, design and implementation of almost any online marketing need.

(If I don’t have a needed skill immediately on my team, we define the role and source it with my method of sniffing out top talent who won’t ghost you.)

These relationships start at $1800 / month for 3 months, based on the amount of strategic guidance time you want from me, and how many implementation / VA support hours are needed for your business.

Because the online marketing world is fast paced, we review and reset our agreements every 3 months.

Because finding a high performing team who understands every facet of the online marketing world is so challenging, and training them up to know your brand, strategy and voice takes time, many of my clients stay with me for 1 – 2 years.

This is for you if:

  • You are frustrated with the quality of your hires and the revolving door in the online marketing world
  • Tired of paying high dollar for masterminds where you leave with a giant to do list that never gets implemented (we mastermind together AND implement)
  • Value long term partnerships with personable team members who care about your brand (and for whom efficiency matters)

All levels require a 3 month minimum contract.  This gives us a chance to try each other out with a fair chance to see results and make the most of your investment.  But, nearly all of our clients stay with us for 9 – 12 months at least.  Once you find a good fit, someone who gets your brand, message and audience and efficient ways to work together, there’s no stopping the results it will bring your business.

Ways to Maximize the use of Lori Mercer, CTO Services

  • Create content and manage your monthly membership community
  • Design and create new free opt-in resources and funnels
  • Any and all updates to your WordPress site
  • Social Media strategy, content creation and management
  • Designing, creating and launching your next online course
  • Updating your brand image across your entire platform

 Once you start to work with a strategic adviser and team of virtual professionals, you realize how quickly you can make decisions and get smart things done to grow your business online.

What Does a Strategic Partnership Look Like?

Most often you see technical work done on a project basis.  If you are super clear on exactly what you want and have some technical know how, that’s just fine as an option.  Most often I find my clients want to have some dialogue about their approach, the design, various options and strategies.

From deciding if a launch is going to kick off with a challenge, a webinar or an affiliate partnership to determining the best way to provide the end product to the customers – videos on YouTube or Vimeo?  PDF downloads or fillable worksheets?  4 modules or 6?  Delivered by email or behind a login?

We want to provide long term continuity to your strategic discussions and technology solutions.

This means we are working with you as a partner, not just another contractor.  What does this mean to you?

  • Every conversation is more efficient because we know your brand and your strategy
  • Our minds are always on the look out for trends, tools and tips to help you grow
  • Because we only work with a handful of clients one-on-one, you get a good portion of our brain space and attention
  • Less time is wasted searching and onboarding new wordpress developers, email marketing experts and marketing consultants
  • We guide you to the right tools, training and solutions so you don’t waste time filtering through the noise in online marketing
  • When one approach isn’t working with your market, we adjust and adapt with you, learning from the customer feedback and leveraging what we’ve already started.

You are free to focus on your customers and their needs and trust that the best solution will evolve from our working together.

Some examples of efficiency gains by clients who work with our team:

  • Adding a bonus during a launch window with an 8 hour turn around time that doubled the results of the launch
  • Rapidly developing a test for a new opt-in challenge which resulted in 14,000 new subscribers in a week
  • Creating the credit card fail / renew automation and process for the support team resulting in hundreds of dollars in renewed subscriptions each month
  • Access via a quick text to just validate a potential opportunity and have that other person who knows their strategy confirm and critique the idea

Is this for me?

If you are running a business with a heavy reliance on online marketing, automation and product / service delivery via web and mobile based solutions, we can help you.

If you are needing to have access to your own “CTO” (Creative Technology Optimist) to validate and speed up your ideas from concept to delivery, we can help you.

If you are looking for someone who’s going to know your business strategy and how to execute with your brand and your systems and isn’t going to disappear after one project, we are looking for long term, thoughtful business owners like you.

No more jumping around from one contractor to another losing valuable time.

You want a long-term partner who understands your business strategy *and* can help you translate that into a website, email automation and social media presence that presents a professional brand and grows your business.

You want a partner who is going to interact with you, guide you through the steps and act quickly.

Our services offer valuable one-on-one strategy sessions as well as implementation hours with our hand selected team with optimized work flows and delivery.   Our goal is to get your projects done in a quality way as efficiently as possible.

When we work with you from the strategic setup and all the way through implementation, you gain efficiency, know how and the best final implementation possible.

Apply below for any of our levels of service and start by letting us a know a little more about your business goals and gaps.


Choosing a strategic partner requires a more in depth discussion of needs and services.   Let’s talk more about what we can do together.

I’m buying implementation hours. So, how long does that take?

What is an implementation hour anyhow?   That’s a tricky question to ask and answer and why so many developers go out of business.    Getting clear expectations on the design and solution up front can avoid bad estimations and poor delivery of solutions.   We always work with our clients through a detailed design phase to make sure we are clear and everyone can hit our target dates with a high quality product.

Here’s a short list of some “t-shirt size” estimates for common online business implementations.

T-shirt size means “small” is 1 – 2 hours, “medium” is 2 – 4 hours and “large” is 5 – 10 hours.  Anything bigger than that is a significant multi-step project that can be broken into phases.   Keeping projects in these dimensions makes it more achievable for you and our team to hit our goals.    Additionally, these hours define the length of time to implement a well defined solution.   Brainstorm and design time are above and beyond these effort estimates.

Size “Small” 2 – 5 hour of implementation

  • Social media scheduling for a week
  • Reviewing and improving an email drip sequence with 3 – 6 emails
  • Implementing a single simple email opt-in form

Size “Medium” 5 – 10 hours of implementation

  • Simple Sales Page with one product offer and approximately 3 ‘screens’ of content
  • Creating a “5 day challenge” opt-in page and corresponding email sequence
  • Changing the theme and design on a website with 6 – 8 core pages
  • Creating a basic sales page and downloadable digital product delivery

Size “Large” 15-20 hours of implementation

  • Creating a more advanced sales page with multiple pricing levels and product order forms
  • Adding an “Ask” step to your email automation sequence and tagging contacts accordingly
  • Creating a membership site with one level of membership and one 4 – 6 module course.  Includes order page and email drip for new customers.
  • Creating a multi-step opt-in form with an “ask” question and redirecting the contact to a different landing page, offer and email sequence based on their answer
  • Creating a Jeff Walker style 3 part video product launch with open cart sales pages and access to a new member area (does not include creation of that member area)

Needing Just a Bit of Our Brains in a Lower Cost DIY Version?

A strategy call is the next right step

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone for strategic advice that will get you over those hurdles.   If you have questions about building a membership site or an online course or any of your wordpress or email automation systems or needs, this is the place to be.

Just getting started and wanting to design everything correctly from the beginning?  We can do that in this session.

$500 / 2 HOURS