Welcome to The How She Quits Show – Episode 6

How are you feeling about your progress toward your goals so far this year?
Has self doubt started to creep in?

We’re not going there…You Are NOT Behind.

January was a wash for me too, but….I still see progress in my business. And I’m trusting this pace and learning that we can still grow when we focus on the right things.

In Episode 6 

Where the doubt monsters and motivation thieves come from. The Optimism Bias, “Over Goal-ing”, and my Just 3 Method

Take a realistic look at the time you have available to work your business and determine what key steps are needed for progress with the Reset Exercise.

How to stay motivated and focused with systems to keep you on track and a community that brings you value.


I can’t emphasize enough, the benefit of having a network of peers that challenge you to learn new ways to think and perform, offer accountability for your goals and support you through challenges. The key is to find “your tribe” so that you’re not caught up in the comparison trap or spending too much time filtering to find value.

This month I’m introducing The How She Quits Collective, an online community for “regular girls” to do amazing things.

I invite you to learn more about this special community of women by visiting the link below.